Monday, 22 September 2014

Redundancy In Cyclical Patterns

I spend a lot of time reading news and observing life around me. This leads to some very unusual emergent patterns that can only serve to prove the existence of a hive mind while history repeats and people seemingly desire the same thing on the same day... I work in a computer boutique which sells custom built computers and just about any computer component presently manufactured. Over a period of six months, I have sold zero PC speakers until last week when I sold 3 in the same day. How does that happen? What compels such odd behaviour? Given that this is not my only point of reference, but simply the most recent one portraying a pattern where a type of item which never sells, suddenly, and on the same day, becomes that thing to make everybody's life complete. I can only attribute this to some media article or commercial that I've not seen nor heard. Heh heh! "Herd"...

I'd love to find the concrete proof of this, but, the fact is, my subconscious seems to override commercial programming. I am prone to falling asleep rather than the normal (and I assume, highly desirable) trance-like stupor when subjected to the shimmering glow of a television set, and as such, I tend to miss the subconscious suggestion that I 'need' whatever was sponsoring this wasted hour of my life. Studies have shown that you actually have less brain activity while watching TV than you do while sleeping, and you burn less calories too. I would think this also reduces your resistance to the power of suggestion at the same time given you are in a near state of hypnosis.

I can only presume this explains why certain brand-name products are requested multiple times on the same day then not spoken aloud again for months on end.

But then there is the second ugly trend I've seen where those who exclaim the most guilt at switching salesmen to close a transaction are the ones who are seemingly able to dodge any and all attempts to sell them anything that might add a commission to their sale... These same people are also quick to reveal themselves as the largest pains-in-the-ass who think you should be so grateful at their not augmenting your salary that you should dig into your pocket and pay half of their purchase for them. It's not so much that I give a shit about money, as I know it to be the source of every evil presently running amok, but the feigning guilt and empathy out of these types is so transparent it's sickening. I can almost envision these people in their natural habitat where they shed their skin and feast on their own offspring... Thankfully I wear long-sleeves so as not to allow them to see the tell-tale raised arm hairs humans generally experience in heeby-jeeby moments.

Wow... I've fallen so far off-topic that I have no idea where I was going to...

So the buzzwords of the month appear to be 'climate change', which, as I've pointed out in the past, is like looking up redundant in the dictionary to be told: 'see redundant'. Yet there are marches going on all over the place to raise awareness of ever-changing, non-static, change. The fact is that global warming turned into out of place snow-storms and the climate scientologists are getting no answers as to how or why from their tea-leaf readings nor their chicken bone yatzee ouiga communion. They don't even want to admit that they might have been wrong because they know the gravy-train ends if they do, and they might even have to sell the Ferrari to pay us all back. Since that can never happen they invented a term which can never be wrong. I live in a climate which is known to change temperature drastically and dramatically by +/- 30°C throughout the year... And it's worse in Winnipeg and Calgary which has seen 20° variations in a single day. That's just the climate Canada exists in. If I can reference the climate in my own country to mean something which never stays the same then what the hell does adding the word change behind the word climate do as an adjective or adverb? Nothing! I might as well say the grass is a greenish green and the sky is a blueish blue and the leaves are turning a reddish red. There is no purpose in adding a synonym as a descriptor other than to waste my breath.

I suppose it's less foolish than the U.S.A. funding, training, and arming groups to later be named terrorists so it's military has something to do... Not that it's the first time they've done it... In fact they've been doing it so long I wonder if they know how to do anything else. The one trick pony has the military budget of the next 10 countries combined and most of those are supposed to be allies. Obviously the only enemy which could put up a worthy fight has to be it's own operatives in a shirts vs skins match, and they need the constant enemy threat to justify the budget.

Sigh. I've been writing this over a period of about 3 days now. I'm not sure if I've made the point I was trying to make, or even of I was trying to make a point... But I've certainly lost all sense of direction, and so I shall say adieu.



  1. i'm just trying to focus on my own enlightenment at this point. fuck the world and fuck the 80 or 90 percent of people in it who are useless eaters and braindead morons. such people can't be saved. all you can do is save yourself.

  2. A word of advice. In the world today, never never ever stand on the curb while waiting for the bus and double so if others are standing behind you.