Friday, 12 September 2014

A day late, A buck short

So I was a few bucks short of a fuck-tonne in my last post when mentioning the the announced missing Pentagon money press release from 9-10-01... I say eleventy million, Rumsfeld said 2.3 trillion, tomayto, tomahto... The funny thing being, I had not seen the amount for long enough to not remember it, then my news feed immediately spat it out eleventy hundred times over the next couple of hours leading me to wonder if I even need Google anymore. Since we are already a buck short, maybe we also need to be a day late... This doom and gloom solar flair/storm is just a little late to the party when adding together the how these things are known to knock out power grids in the same way we've repeatedly been warned terrorists will attack the grid... Oh well, it's not as if nature reads our calendar or gets alerts via smartphone or anything like that... Well, that's all I've got at the moment... -d©

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