Monday, 6 October 2014

Keeping Up With the Khazars or Killing Cardasians

Well, I've finally fixed my offline news reader as it had been failing to synchronise. Took a while because I had to figure out which of the backwater batshit-crazy feeds was messing it up. In the end, it was the phone company... Not my phone company, mind you, but the one that used to be a regulated monopoly who are now a near monopoly on media in Canada... Yes CTV news (a Bell globe media channel) was failing. The same company who Canadians petitioned against being allowed to buy astral media which halted the sale for at least a week or two before the CRTC decided to ignore the petition... Oh well, they weren't really serving much purpose lately anyway... crackpots...

So I've read that we are finally bombing the Cardasians instead of keeping up with them... Or was it that we've gone to war with the Khazars? I suppose the name of the group doesn't really matter anymore as long as it hasn't already been flogged to death by the media to such extent that the general population begins thinking the media might have made them up for the purpose of fear-mongering... Tune in next week to meet the latest 'more evil than evil itself' extremist group of brown people who want to harvest our unconceived children to be served up as caviar on cheap crackers... These talking heads are running out of creative language to make the next fake splinter cell sound more dangerous than the last, and, strangely, despite how much they like to hear themselves talk they don't appear to listen to themselves talking. Otherwise they might have concluded that saying 'the really real bogeyman' sounds just a little contrived. Maybe the 7 countries in 5 years was over ambitious, but, then 7 countries in 13 years sounds like numerology to me.

Most are so in awe of the spectacle of the right now that they fail to remember what steps they took to get here. Sufficed to say: we got here despite the occasional detour around the road-blocks thrown up by those souls brave enough to point out that something is very wrong, even if majority of the boiling frogs weren't listening or might even have decided that this new temperature was almost as comfortable as it had been ten minutes ago until it suddenly wasn't.

I mean, the latest distractions are simply meant to prevent us seeing them sweep yesterday's distractions under the rug. They reward their agents behind the scenes while believing everyone is too focused on act 2 to notice, and make each proceeding act more grotesquely aberrant in an attempt to keep our ADD/ADHD lack of attention focused on an ever smaller section of the stage. The plot and premise are usually the same in that when it's not more bad it's even worse until it's worse still... At least the theme doesn't completely change until long before anybody even realizes that the music stopped long ago. How else can we define times where we are advised to not get pulled over in order to avoid being raped or shot by a cop except to say that something is seriously fucked up.. This obey the law and don't get brutalized universe most assuredly took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, while the violence of bugs Bunny was censored so long ago anybody under 25 doesn't get that joke.

Forget about common sense, there is only nonsense, and not one red cent left... I can't give a penny for your thoughts on the matter because the manufacturer discontinued them for being as inconvenient as the truth which eludes so many in these times of wanton craving over things nobody needed before the word want was deprecated for being too easily confused with the word need. -d©

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  1. you can say that again...and again.

    like SIX MILLION "JEWS" in the ovens of TRUTH is a small price to pay for


    never overlook the obvious...just because it is so OBVIOUS

    Like Amos

    It takes a very, very short period of time for formerly civilized, seemingly civilized people, to revert to 'beast mode'. I submit that you will be stunned at the velocity at which this happens. For most people, the patina of civilization is very thin. It is a kind of Formica that is extremely heat sensitive. This laminated surface can burn off in no time and leave something truly terrifying. When it expresses itself in mob behavior well... good luck with that. I have been in several mob scenes and seen what happens. It ain't pretty. You can forget reasoning with anyone. You have to go directly into toreador mode.

    and not skip a beat...which is the new anti-semitic breakfast "serial"...

    since the Big Tit dried up...