Sunday, 7 October 2012

The choice is ours

So it should be fairly apparent to everybody by now that the food chain is nowhere near as diverse as it needs to be, and that we are no longer on the top level of the food chain since our food now kills us, possibly for sport, and certainly for profit. It might also be apparent where all the trouble stems from, but, as you've likely heard, appearances can be deceiving. Truly you cannot judge a book by it's cover, but we can no longer judge a book by it's pages either.

Corruption cannot be killed by simply eliminating the low hanging fruit after the entire orchard has been infected. Our efforts and resources are being wasted looking for the wrong bad guys, by the apparent 'real' bad guys. And not that they aren't really bad guys, but, that the ones in the public eye are merely worker bees playing out the agendas of their evil queens, which never leave the hive and, as such, are far less likely to feel the swat of a rolled up newspaper. Yes, we are too late to shake the tree in hopes of making all the bad things fall away, our only option is to raze the entire forest, then carefully and watchfully nurture a new one in it's place. Otherwise nature will simply respawn a near perfect replica of that which we deliberately destroyed, albeit the new version will know how to better hide it's rotting fruit.

I'm not suggesting we'll find or even create the Garden of Eden, for it is unrealistic to chase a myth which was so obviously designed to make everybody else's guilt our own. No, it should only be on us to seek out and punish the truly guilty, and stop persecuting those already dedicated to this goal so long as they aren't doing so in a contrived way. Yes it means bankers, politicians, the media, zionists, and just about anybody else on their payroll shall be convicted of something.

The choice has to be made by us. Either we collapse the system, or they will, and nobody is going to like the way they do it. They are scared that we might even do it which is why so many of their plans appear to be changing, but, is the plan really changing, or are they simply hiding a new identical plan somewhere else for the sake of keeping up appearances?


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