Saturday, 27 October 2012

Honestly, this sentence is a lie.

We tell ourselves all manner of lies in order to get through the day. Today is Friday, the last day of the humdrum routine of earning paper for the elites who actually work for the banks who work for Zion which prays to Satan. But it's not really the end of this routine since it all begins anew on Monday meaning the routine is really about this 5/7 split where I get to spend more of my life feeding the vampire squid than fighting it.

I am late to my fate again on this date. But in reality I shall arrive exactly when I am meant to. I'll claim to have overslept when in reality I haven't slept enough in weeks owing to the 5/7 split that devotes too much of my time to feeding those who are already overstuffed while the remainder goes to those who truly have need. Thus a deficit is incurred where I claim I'll pay myself back tomorrow, even though I won't (because who has the time?). It's easy to say I'll make time for that tomorrow, but, does anybody know how to "make" time? More lies to ourselves, to cover the gaps in previous lies.

So we say: I'd love to make a copy of me to divide this overflow with. But that's not true either, because if I were confronted with a copy of me, my gut reaction would be to kill me without hesitation (preferably with fire). But maybe that's also a lie, with so many juggled lies, it becomes difficult to know when we've stopped lying to ourselves, doesn't it?

Truth be told: we all lie. To ourselves, and everyone around us. We've been trained to, programmed to, conditioned to, lie. It's just something we do these days. We do it so blatantly that we even believe ourselves at least half of the time. 'Tomorrow's another day', 'Things will get better', 'It's always darkest before the dawn' are all nothing more than sales pitches we tell ourselves to prevent the truth of reality from creeping up behind us and slapping us silly.

The reality is that the world was hijacked centuries ago, and we're all complicit in our own deceit ever since that time. The even worse reality is that once we realize how monumental the lies we live truly are, we do not even know how to begin to unravel them. I see the machinations of the world and how it all interconnects, and yet, there is no single action that would even slow it down. I face down the irrational fears of going against the flow and take my stands, and raise my issues when and where I observe them to little or no effect. Fear drives this system.

Whether fear of loosing the house, or buying the farm; fear of meeting ones maker or finding that there was no maker; fear of ridicule or fear of fame; fear of offending or fear of educating; fear of not living up to the expectations of others or fear of being disappointed our self. All these fears are tools of the system. I've lived through most of them already and realize there was little to fear in any of them. I am still here in spite of all that's passed. True, I am disappointed, but there's nothing to fear from that. This world is disappointing, I can either feel bad about it, or I can do something about it. Facing our fears and not lying to ourselves is only the beginning.

Minimizing our attack surface is next. Those who let emotion control them will be forever controlled. Those who let emotions serve as a guide have a better chance of finding the path, provided they do not always follow the path emotion sees. Emotion is both a strength and a weakness: we get gut feelings, but emotions can also overwhelm logic; the source of emotion can be internal or external and while the internal can only be manipulated with your own conscious effort, the external can be easily manipulated by others. We are guilted into doing things we don't want to do by spouses, parents, loved ones, commercials, politicians, and other liars all the time because guilt is so easy to manipulate.

Fear is just as easy to manipulate, and honestly, serves less purpose than guilt in this day and age... Fear in it's purest form, was meant to help us survive, way back when realized we should run from saber-toothed tigers or other imminent danger. But what imminent dangers do we face today? Not many... So now we fear each other for no good reason, or because that's what we've been programmed to fear via lies we've been subjected to throughout our entire lives. This primal instinct should have died out centuries ago, or at least diminished to something simply that causes us to jump of the tracks when there's a train coming. This fear of being shunned, fear of what others might think, fear of loosing this job I hate, fear of not having the rent money, these are all completely unacceptable uses of fear. I came into this world naked, cold, kicking, screaming, and covered in the blood of somebody I'd never even met. Why should I be afraid of going out the same way?


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