Wednesday, 5 September 2012

That went as expected, mostly

I was asked in the car on my way to the polling station how I thought the election would turn out. My statement was this: "A PQ Minority government, with a Liberal opposition. The popular vote will be very close to a 3-way tie with PQ, Liberal, and CAQ all right around the 30% mark, but the CAQ will not win as many seats as recent polls suggest, and The Liberals will win way more seats than even they expect." I was questioned on why I thought this, but did not really have an answer except that I had a feeling. And the results are in (stolen from CBC, because the official results page is ginormous and not as nice looking):

Quebec Election Results

Updated: Sep. 5, 2012, 1:58 AM EDT
All results are unofficial until final ballot counts are verified by Elections Quebec. CBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.
Looks very much like what i said, though I expected the CAQ to be more like 29% on the vote share.

What I did not anticipate, was the bizarre scene that transpired afterwards. Not only am I not understanding how a man in a ski mask and a blue robe somehow managed to enter through a back door, I am not understanding how this person did not stand out as 'suspicious' at the very least. There are some other oddities here too. This story indicates that this man used a door 6 meters from the stage but fired shots at people not the stage and decried 'the English are waking up' in French but with an accent. And all of this was performed with an assault rifle, which is a rather rare specter in the streets of downtown Montreal.

Then let's add to that, the fact that this was a political victory speech, which is traditionally a room full of cameras, reporters, and microphones. Yet nobody heard the shot(s)?! And he had time to start a fire while running away?! I'd like to see the video feed of that since I know people who can't light a smoke while walking, starting a fire while running seems unlikely at best.

I'd be lying if I did not state that I smell a rat in here somewhere. My only question is 'to what end?' What purpose is this apparent wing-nut going to serve? We all know that useful idiots are the tools used to forward large and would-be unpopular political and legal agendas. Is this the catalyst that rounds up the Quebec Anglophone community and ships us on a one way ticket out of the province?

I am now noticing another 'funny' thing that is occurring. While researching this 'shooting' I was looking for unedited videos of the victory speech, the only ones I have seen all have gaps in them. So I found something on (Russia Today, for those who have never used this news source), but found only this:
So I opened a connection via Citrix to Internet Explorer, hosted in Europe (which uses a different ISP):
so what does the Google cache have?:
Curious-er and curious-er... But the Google thumbnail is?:
  Well the thumbnail is not even the cached page. What the heck is happening here?
So I opened from my phone (on a different OS, browser, and different ISP than the previous 2 examples):

This is what I was expecting. Just for arguments sake, I refreshed the pages in the other 2 browsers (and cleared the cache) but nothing changed.

Now I really suspect some odd things are going on here, since I have used 3 different browsers on 3 different devices using 3 different networks, and 66% of these yield unexpected results... And since I am the person in charge of the proxy servers I do know how to bypass them and even that brings me to the network solutions page.

Needless to say, I still have not seen an unabridged video clip of this shooting which might contain actual shooting sounds, but I will keep searching.



  1. I have not yet reviewed this video, but it is 20 minutes long, so hopefully it will be the complete and unedited speech:

  2. I have observed an interesting numerical phenomenon. This post is the one hundred and first post I have made this year. Coincidence? PQ comes in and want to f#ck with bill 101, my post # 101 for 2012? Hmm. All I know is I did not plan it...

  3. Well, I've watched the 20 minute video, and while I don't hear gunfire, it is overtly convenient that she gets rushed off-stage just as she begins the sovereignty portion of her speech.