Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Decisions, decisions.

So it's vote day here in Quebec. Sufficed to say that there is absolutely no choice to be had in this provincial race. Do I vote for the status quo same old face that's been in power for almost a decade, or do I vote for the separatists? I could vote for the new separatists the old separatists or the separatists who will (they claim) not talk about separation as alternative to the present power holder who are a corrupt, party of clowns who are no longer attempting to veil their fascism.

I'd vote for the separatists if their dream sounded like less of a dream than an actual plausible solution. You see, in every scenario I've heard these separatists (not the new separatists, or the ones who aren't talking about separation, but the old separatists who've been around longer than a week) talk about, they want to move out of their parents house and into the bachelor apartment in the basement, rent free and with an allowance. -- OR -- to stop paraphrasing, they would be their own country but continue to use the Canadian dollar as currency, which is essentially the exact same thing I just said before.

The other problem with these old separatists, is of course, that they seem just a little xenophobic against anybody who is not French by birth, which, I am not. And by a little, I mean think Nazi Germany, but with none of the technological innovation or subversive propaganda that the Nazis were actually very good at... Just bold unadulterated racism. There will be no language other than French used by government or within a 3 KM radius of government services or some such nonsense. In fact, I suspect that there will be microphones with printers installed to spit out tickets for violating the language code "John Spartan you are fined 50 credits for breaking the verbal morality code", oh, wait, that would be in French... "Jean-Guy Bélanger, vous êtes amende de 50 crédits pour briser le code moralité verbale" or something like that. I really do not have the brain power required to fight with google translate available to me right now.

Not that there's anything wrong with French people, but I cannot possibly go and be re-birthed to a Francophone mother at this late a stage in life because no womb is large enough. Besides, I doubt it would change the wiring in my brain in the slightest... I suppose I could change my last name to Tremblay, Gagnon, or Bouchard to try to blend in a little better... I mean I was born here so there's no reason I should be singled out because of who my parents happen to be.

Adding to all of this: the Old Separatist leader is completely off her rocker when she says things like she would legislate political funding to "bar non-French speakers from funding political parties or petitioning the legislature". It isn't bad enough to simply "bar non-French speakers from holding public office". Worse still is her idea for a "Charter of Secularism" to prevent public-sector workers from brandishing “conspicuous religious signs.” Unless they are exempt like Crucifixes and Crosses would be, while Muslim headscarves, Jewish yarmulkes and Sikh kirpans would be prohibited. WHAT?! So, should we call this "Charter of Secularism" what it really is then: the "Charter of Ethnic Cleansing"? Because, in reality, you have demonstrated that religious symbology is not the issue, Ethnicity is.

Make no mistake about it, the present leadership does not have the green light to continue it's present course either. There is a huge level of corruption and collusion in regards to the construction industry which is not being addressed, and was actually swept under the rug despite that the liberal party commissioned the study... If you are not going to do anything with the findings do not pay someone to investigate it in the first place. And between the student protests, the outlawing of protests, the +$100 (+100%) per year for medicare on our taxes, on top of the fact that we are already taxed to the eyeballs here and seemingly get little in return.

We really need a 'none of the above' that is actually counted. That would be the perfect solution. If 'none of the above' wins the majority then all these idiots would realize that we want real and actual change and are fed up with the dog and pony show of lies and deceit.

Imagine it, the Premier of Quebec is nobody, all the other parties are minorities and opposition leaders to the non party that is not proposing anything, but didn't lie that it would either. Sure the government would collapse in a matter of weeks (or hours) and go to a re-election campaign, but maybe then they would come up with some real ideas...


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