Friday, 10 August 2012

The Americans are invading

6 U.S. retailers set to invade Canada's malls (CBC News)

While the story itself is pretty good at pointing out how many stores are having a tough go of it, I am absolutely delighted by the comments to this story:

-- Nobody sells quality anymore as it's all disposable now.
-- More foreign made crap to fill our landfills and send money out of the country. Sigh. Good for shoppers I guess but surely their closets and homes are full by now.
-- The Americanization of Canada continues! You will no longer recognize this country after these businesses raid this nation.
-- I can't see how any retailer from the US wouldn't be eager... they can mark up their products by 25% and gouge the consumers like the other retailers here.
And those are all in a single page! The discontent has seemingly spread, all we need now is for that to turn into righteous indignation and toss a lit match on the realization that we outnumber those who endlessly suckle at us for every last drop of blood, sweat, and tears, then maybe we'll see some real progress.

Progress, not congress nor regress, but I'm afraid I must digress.


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