Tuesday, 21 August 2012

None of the Above: Why aren't Quebec Anglos voting?

CBC Quebec takes an in-depth look at why so many anglophones are staying away on election day.
A simple question, and I believe it has simple answers as well. Anglos in Quebec only have a single choice available, and have only had a single choice available for decades. Since we now understand that the only choice is corrupt and working against us just as much as the other fake choices openly state that they would also work against us should they get the chance, then there is really no choice.

I personally will still vote, as it is my right to do so, but I am not going to choose... I will waste my vote by selecting each option on my ballot, because the way I see it "all of the above" is harder to steal than "none of the above" and serves as little purpose... So I will consume space in the system of phony choices, I will consume time out of the system that beggars to enslave me, and I shall waste the resources afforded me in this 'right to vote' masquerade ball of no choice being masked as the only choice.

Nothing gets better when I feed into this system, so I choose, instead, to feed off of the system. The true choice which nobody sees under all the hype and window dressing is that it is my right to choose whether to vote or not, and whether to waste my vote or not. Wasting my vote takes effort on my part, and at the same time, makes public my opinion of this system... My only regret is that I cannot take my ballot away from the voting booth so that i might wipe my ass with it, because that would truly express how I feel.


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