Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Public Dental Extractions and Failed Call Centres

It's the beginning of a bad stretch of road that I'm fairly certain nobody knows how to navigate at least not properly. Just ask the movers and shakers of the criminal investment banking cartel where we go now, it won't be an answer you like, but they'll likely all agree that it's the only place to go. There are meticulous blueprints being followed in efforts of creating the perfect enemy and environment to lead us exactly where we are supposed to be led.

What other reason could there be for all the criminals who are still controlling their criminal empires, while wholly responsible for more death and suffering than any mob leader ever was... These monsters could make Al Capone blush.

It's compounded by retards in crown sponsored monopolies, who will want to raise the price of power to make us compensate them for their incompetence. Yet this is probably the same equipment Iran is not allowed to own... Not that I believe this cover story for a second. Far too suspicious and unlikely that it would be sold as scrap. Not to worry though, the equipment won't be used for terrorism because we're getting 2 calls a day at the anti-radicalization call centre, which, from a business perspective, is a huge failure and would be outsourced were it not government run... Them again, you never know, one thing is certain, they have something most do not: job security. Not even douchebag engineers at previously mentioned crown sponsored monopolies are safe while committing heinous douchebaggery while not working. Not that I'm condoning his idiocy, but I think a more fitting punishment would be to hold him down while the reporter in question kicks out a few of his teeth.

What does it matter? The news never puts all the pieces together, like in this gem which claims a warm blob in the ocean might be caused by a low pressure system yet fails to consider Fukushima radiation as a factor. Except it's probably exactly that, low pressure systems seem too too benign especially while there is a perfectly plausible cause to both problems. Scientists likely can't draw this conclusion though, so don't wait for the results of that study. Even in the unlikely event some scientists were left unmolested long enough to conclude my suspicions are true, it would never get through the second filtration system of lying journalists.

I'd say you could search the web to find your answers, just don't try to cover your tracks, because deleting data is criminal, unless you happen to be in a government committee, in which case, knock yourself out.


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