Monday, 1 June 2015

Hairspray Jihads

So it's been a while...

I like to sit back every now and then to take a birdseye on my own views. It doesn't change my position on things very often but it sometimes changes my approach.

Needless to say, I've still been reading a number of things I wish I could unread, and may find myself dodging certain topics out of self-preservation, which gives me a great deal of despair. But the politically correct Nazi movement can't stand up to criticism, and as such, it is now illegal. I can find plenty of links to back up this thesis, but, going too far may qualify as deliberate, and besides, there's little point talking about things if nobody can find the discussion in the first place. Seriously! Say what you will, but I'm not convinced these 8th graders are wrong.

I could generally make that case against a metric shit-ton of things which we are told are good by the same people we shouldn't have trusted the last time, yet we aren't allowed to read it and decide for ourselves. If I had to guess, I'd say the whole thing is more about protecting the wealthy from this, but, having never read it, I can't be the judge. What I can say is that the IMF is in a completely different line of business than rescuing nations from financial catastrophes.

Speaking of financial catastrophes, it looks like some people closer to home are preparing something. I understand that the economy needs savings in order to loan out 10 times that money (more than that, in reality, but 99.999 times that just feels like such an alarmist number, which is likely still not accurate given that I've not done the math) to people who don't have money in exchange for more money they won't have later. Speaking of not having money, I think I may have found a charity who's proceeds actually end up in the hands of people who really must need it badly.

I know this is rhetoric, but, you can't get there from here, and soon enough, there's going to be nowhere to go. Maybe a second opinion will make things clearer even if no charges have been brought against them, yet... It is noteworthy that concerned parents, not communication snooping started this ball rolling, which leads me to wonder who they are... That seems like it might be important information given how it's going to affect so many people while the ten teens may simply have been plotting a trip to Europe against a parent's wishes. It's unlikely that anyone in the media will raise that concern though, because that's not one of the major 'W' questions: 'hoo' are these parents? See, no 'W' at all.

I may have missed the memo, but I don't remember anyone admitting to backdoors being installed into encryption technology. I wouldn't put it past them to do it or anything of a similar vein because that's just what they do, except when doing even worse. So many things can be swept under the rug that protects national security because that rug covers a bottomless pit. Ask the bankers, they dug it and continue digging it, well not literally because we've been digging it for them. Bankers can't put their back into anything work-like because they are invertebrates... Xenophobic invertebrates, no less.

I read there was some prophecy regarding 05-25-15 and drought stricken California becoming permanent wetlands. While it didn't happen, I did hear a strange commercial from an online radio station the day before regarding earthquake preparedness the night before which had me nearly convinced. You see, I had headphones on while that commercial came through over speakers and thought about how I normally don't hear commercials and had a headset playing a different sound source... The whole of the circumstances just struck me as odd and I'm still not sure what it was supposed to mean, or even if it was supposed to mean anything. Maybe we will revisit this some day...

I just got an image in my head of some misguided group running jihad with cans of ozone unfriendly hairspray.


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