Monday, 22 June 2015

Good, Old-fashioned Flag Burnings

Media whores gotta keep on whoring, witness the white/black, straight/lesbian who will be anything for 5 more seconds of fame... Just remember, without Kaitlyn Jenner none of this is possible... And that's all I have to say about that.

Obviously the distraction is working, though I'm not certain why the CBC is reporting on this... Maybe that's a distraction from the Greek/Ukrainian double-standard, or, maybe it's just about Greece. Who knows? I certainly don't. I've seen a a completely worthless chart depicting it which tells me not a whole lot thrown out there like it's the holy grail of collapse theorem, despite being a tweet of an image with little source data. Maybe there is something to it, and maybe it's just 2 lines on a chart, but I tend to prefer seeing the thousand words behind the picture before I judge the veracity of things.

In other financial arenas, the last time something like this was announced was on September 10th, 2001, then, the very next morning, a large section of that building collapsed having been struck by a high speed incendiary flying thing... They probably have the same accountant as these people. Just making an observation.

While I'm on the topic of bean-counters, which I've arrived at unintentionally, we are fast arriving at the point wherein we shit on a scale with a direct uplink to government databases as they'll tax it on the way out too. Imagine the money they could make selling that data to perfume companies trying to create new 'designer shit scents'. Win/win. I mean it's not as if they are making money via their old bag of tricks, at least not since the banks figured out how much enslavement they can amass with these same tools. Why steal the cow when you can foreclose the entire farm for free?

I'm confused by the progression at some of the sites I read... On the one hand you should train your kids to be a bank slave, then on the other you shouldn't be one yourself. I know these are two different sites, but the progression in my feeds puts then in immediate progression of each other. Maybe it's all part of the confuse and distract campaign... Hmm, I think I've found a proper slogan for the next political race. Or, maybe they won't even need to do that anymore.

The politically correct Nazi camp has seemingly banned a flag. Now it's true that this flag seems to make an appearance at any and all staged events of bigotry, but, that wouldn't likely have been the flags fault... It's all part for the course because the course is all about changing how we got here and forgetting about it completely. If we don't talk about it, eventually it never even happened. Of course, you probably can't read about it unmolested these days either, at least not without taking a government sponsored timeout.

All expense paid vacations to an unmapped S&M Gulag, well, not precisely, you have already prepaid the trip. Strangely, the media seems to be conditioning us for it already as the summer box-office releases contain a number of U.S.A. VS U.S.S.R. depictions. Only this time around nobody knows which side we're actually on. Of course, the vast majority will come out chanting U.S.A! U.S.A! thanks to their conditioning, but I digress.


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