Monday, 19 January 2015

Minion Flavored, Me Too Stew

Well, the resulting stupid appears not to have finished resulting... Never have I been less Charlie and more not Charlie than I am after reading this. I mean, not to steal the phrase from last week's Smoking Mirrors, but talk about poking a bear with a pointy stick... And all at the same time, let's not start talking about Trilaterals, Bilderbergs, and bankers, who most likely financed, trained, and provided safe passage through intercontinental borders... It's not as though the culprits were not known, so how does one or more person leave the front lines of Syrian terror wars to go on a killing spree in Paris? If you didn't ask that question, but rather pointed out the growing risk of homegrown terror attacks, then you might be Charlie, unified in solidarity shouting 'freedom of the press' which must be some acronym for bullshit...

I haven't yet done the math to figure out how one phrase equals the other, but then there are the math laws used by bankers where one divided by zero equals minus one (house), contrary to normal math, so maybe my normal person math won't crack that code. Speaking of codes, maybe it's that seven year itch thing, but, didn't they publish that cartoon a broken mirrors age ago? Hmmmm... It's not as though they've not been trying to sell a war against Arabs to people genuinely disinterested in warring against Arabs for decades, so it's really the same sales pitch filled with even more desperation, unless I've spoken too soon. Benny even went so far as warning France beforehand, so where is the press which yearns to be uncensored now?


Obviously my assumptions and conclusions must be the result of exposure to environmental toxins or mind altering drugs to land so far from the reported truth. The press is minion and I'm just a dude who reads whatever I can find, bathroom walls, cereal boxes, blogs, and what not. How could anything but sheer madness explain my constant refusal to join the minions in their pot of me too stew?

Of course, the madness could be in how I persist at pounding a bloody and broken fist against the walls of society's perceived reality, knowing full-well the chaos that would ensue, should I ever successfully fracture the illusion enough to break the levee. Because, once that ripple effect begins, it pounds on every surface previously thought to be solid and grinds it into sand.

In other news, I suppose it's best that Target refused to hire me all those times I applied given that now I'd simply be unemployed at the same time as everyone else who was hired there. I do feel badly for the people who are working there, but then the only shopping experience I had felt like the store was staffed with kindergarten students who learned to speak by reading text messages phonetically. It was also obvious at that time, why I had not been considered Target employee material.


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