Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Apple Π ÷ 0

I'd like to start by wishing Les Visible a speedy recovery... Best wishes Mr. Visible.

I had some really odd encounters with people yesterday which, seem to have as much to do with the coming full moon as they do anything tangible. Almost everyone I dealt with in the computer boutique store I work in expected some kind of gratuity or discount for patronizing (hahaha, I was trying to write 'patronning' but this is fine) the store... One couple, who I should have left 'waiting for the other salesperson', kept feeling 'guilty' that I might have stolen his sale, actually stormed out because I couldn't discount their purchase by 10% despite the markup on their desired purchase having been only 7%... If they truly felt guilty they'd give us back the combined 3.5 hours of life they leached out of us during our interactions with them... I'm done whining now.

I'm not going to bother mentioning all the Israeli business as usual Gaza goings on outside of this sentence, because it's already everywhere I look... it might be time to consider moving out of town but I will have to consider my options carefully since I'm apparently not part of the "in" crowd, not that these fads ever last all that long anyway.

<long pause... days pass and I forget I was writing anything>

Call it what you may, but it looks like someone is doing some 'cleaning up house' from my perspective, maybe this is not as ironic as some of the things I like to point out... But this is. So is the fact that the media is finally catching up to me in certain statements I've made in regards to staged opposition in the political sub-universe, and yes, you have to scroll a while to find it... It's almost amazing how unsurprised I am at certain headlines these days. It's almost as if I have to fake outrage at certain goings on except for the fact that a part of me was already outraged by the fact I already suspected as much to begin with. But in other news, WE'VE FINALLY FOUND THOSE WMD'S BUSH WAS LOOKING FOR. Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

I know I visit this topic a lot, but it's getting way out of hand given the situation that the job market is in. I suspect that this is the next great land grab approaching even if I have no proof of such, or maybe I do to some degree... One thing is certain, the banks understand that currency ownership is not wealth even if they have so many others convinced this currency is money and so they will need to own something tangible if they are to survive to feed off of the misery of others after the shit hits the fan. There are plenty of signs out there for the astute, just none with an event schedule... except maybe the 20th as was stated earlier (even if a Sunday makes no sense).

But then, what, here, does make sense? It's a well observable fact that those with the worst math skills are highly paid to fudge the numbers, yet, instead of a lynching we end up with everybody else reciting 1+1=potatoe in hopes of one day fudging the numbers even better. Yes, that guy seems to have it all and so we grovel and ego-prime chanting out my 'hero who can carry the zero' in a mystical long-division of hieroglyphs and never repeating decimal places disguised as apple π.

Somehow we still manage to placate ourselves with such asanine statements as 'better the devil you know...' When the reality is better no devils at all. Why do we cower in fear of the unknown? I've come to realize that the unknown has much smaller teeth than I was trained to believe and as such I poke the unknown with a stick just about every chance I get... It's a process some might call learning even of most call it heresy.


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