Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fabricated crises, fabricated solutions, and the placebo effect

It is a time of many wonders. I wonder if Christine Lagarde really did declare a timeline commencing on the 20th of this month or if that is simply paranoia. Neither of these rings as particularly untrue, but that whole 'number compression' thing leads me to think 7+2+0=9 which does change things a bit. I must say that the 9th (being a Wednesday) makes much more sense than the 20th (a Sunday) given it's placement on the calendar. I suppose only time knows the true answer to that riddle. Regardless (or Lagardeless [grin]) of how you chose to look at it, any promise made by the IMF should be viewed as a false hope as wherever that organisation goes, misery soon follows, and this was a 'global' outlook. Fuck economists!

There are certainly enough goings on to be concerned with between the U.S. border crisis, 3 dead Israeli teens, the Ukraine, ISIS, ISIL (or whatever else they are calling the new 'evil' al qaeda), Iraq, Syria, Russia, and well, a metric shit-ton of other things. I'd say the sleeping masses are likely to accept whatever crafted solution has been prepared to solve all the fabricated situations even if the best solution really is 'the Fletcher memorial home' for banksters, tyrants, and kings.

Most people seem to believe the UN stepping in to mess with the border crisis is the be all and end all, but they still have that humanitarian back-door via the Detroit water shutoff, so, the reality is that they've laid the backup plans and could squeeze the US from both the north and the south at the same time if need be. Sounds almost like they are going to pop a zit... Of course they are going to continue to ignore Israel with their humanitarian interventions because humanitarian missions in Israel are anti-semetic and therefore bad.

Maybe I am wrong, and maybe I am simply crazy, as there seems to be a bunch of that going on. There's likely a placebo to fix that condition but I am not much for taking pills made legal via bribery and other such corruption. In fact, outside of the occasional beer, I only tend to drink water, coffee, or tea these days because I don't take these with sweeteners of any kind. I've run out of fingers to count the number of products containing aspartame and sucralose even right along side of cane sugar or sucrose/fructose and these products are labelled 'all natural' and are not 'diet' versions which makes it all the more wrong. Maybe it all comes down to this or maybe it's some other nefarious plan, the end of which was yet to be determined, but in the meantime, I'll just have my unsweetened bland beverages, thanks.



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