Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Half-chewed table scraps

This is what the world needs... I am sorry, I see nowhere this type of thing fits in with anything I normally talk about, so I started with it... It's like Matt Groening's Futurama has come to life with a robot that serves absolutely no purpose. But then there are plenty of things which serve little purpose like spending 125K to add 'Du' to the front of metro station names while the Transit employees get their pensions fucked with, even though “For the common people, it’s not going to change anything.” because they are not changing signage or maps, only the awful recordings nobody understands in the 1st place are being changed...

But this is the way of bureaucracy, a bunch of people with zero creativity living on the government teat trying to leave their mark on history by finding whatever means they can of wasting money that wasn't theirs to begin with... I'm certain we can all think of dozens of recent examples of such in whichever tier of government we wished to point a finger at so I'm not going to get link happy with it. Besides these are the small outrages which I often consider as designed to distract us and keep us looking at the small picture within the larger picture. Currently that larger picture is aimed at starting the next war to end all wars with a side order of genocide. I'd post links, but, if you actually need them at this point, you are not paying any attention and have likely stumbled this way by accident while looking for this.

I'm not implying that Putin is a saint, especially given my opinion on the gang of child molesters who govern entry into sainthood, but he certainly appears not to be fulfilling the role of willing banker stooge mixed with Zionist which appear to be prerequisites for entry into the political dimension of late. I'd have said sphere just now, but a sphere is an object of perfect mathematical symmetry as a function of a number calculated to never end, while politics is a contrived place in which logic either cannot enter, or, at least, cannot escape... Yes, a logic vortex... A black hole where logic divided by zero, and it somehow worked. We can all hear the sucking sound of this vacuous black hole, but can't see any discernible effect beyond the aftereffects of legislation or decrees which seem to have no place in a world where we expect things to make sense. The only logical conclusion that can be made has to do with going beyond not biting the hand that feeds them, no they bend over backwards to appease their source of sustenance even if those are the meager pittance of half-chewed table scraps.

Sure, they may appear to have all the fancy toys right now but these objects of envy are the same disposable garbage after warranty plus 2 hours which leaves them trying to reload the cork-gun when the shit hits the fan. What good are toys when there's nowhere left to buy batteries anyway?

They get us all caught up in some contrived left-right paradigm keeping us from realizing that after a 180° turn what was left is now right and you're still in the exact same place as you were just a second earlier. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! We expend our energies debating the issues that the media bring to our attention never stopping to wonder whose agenda we are pushing while the media is owned by a very small number of people who are likely all members of the same country club and share the same secret handshake to distinguish 'they' from the rest of us.

It does not matter which evil corporation is closing down it's factories or stores in which city or country, when so many are doing it for the same reasons: to cut costs. Moreover most are using the same bullshit lines “We are very mindful of the impact these changes will have – particularly to our employees, and we will help those who are impacted through their transitions.” then pulling the same bullshit tactics closing 2 plants in one country then opening 1 in Malaysia and another in Thailand. Help people through their transitions how? A 2 hour seminar on how to write a resume?!! Yes, because all those boarded up factories and shops full of homeless squatters (who used to have a punch card in that very locale) will only mug you if there's an improper use of bulleted lists... Why do they need to cut costs? To make the interest payments on loans they took out to build the factories they no longer occupy, whether those loans were bank loans or shares purchased by investment bankers makes little difference to the end-sum if the equation when they promised to return more than they borrowed in the future they sold out that very same future as nothing can grow infinitely and indefinitely.

Yes, the hand that was feeding them has begun feeding off of them (we were already the half chewed table scraps) as there appears to be not much beyond skin and bones left on the original food source.


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