Saturday, 9 November 2013

...Of Unfinished Thoughts, And Other Derailments

My last posting appears to have ended rather abruptly into a rage against the world, it isn't often that I apologize for saying what I've said or as the case is not saying what I didn't say, but, as it stands, I actually am sorry for having not said whatever I came here to say... Now that we are good and confused, unless we're actually bad and confused, I'll apologize again because it's unlikely that I will be able to say whatever I meant to say in the same way that I would have said it 2 days ago because that train of thought rolled off its tracks and headlong into a wall of consequence where it became irreparably damaged.

Now that that's all cleared up, or at least been covered up with a body bag, I can say that I do, at least remember where that train was heading... All that 'God is within you' speech was moving towards this point: all the fear, hatred, anger, and contempt we are force fed via media and the bastardization of our quickly dying language is phoney. It doesn't originate in ourselves, it's part of the elaborate programming we've all been subject to through this life, as well as many lives past. We don't own it, and it doesn't own us. Fear isn't even an emotion, it's an instinct which tends to be used against us to such a tremendous and abusive rate that people are afraid of what others may think if they walk out the house without being decked out in the latest haute couture... Let that one sit in your brain for a minute... How is this a life or death situation that we can't step outside without our Manolo Fuckits or Tommy Teabaggers on?!!! Quite simply, it isn't and never was.

All this vanity was created for the purpose of turning your labours into the bankroll of filthy rich pigs who, upon realizing that art school was too hard began stapling pigeon feathers to footwear and double-cheeked fake kissing anyone they met and overusing the word fabulous to give the impression that they are eccentric and therefore must shit Picasso's in their bed at night. Yes, we hate ourselves to feed the wealthy and drive the sales of products made by children and slaves in places without a law against such things, and somehow this is supposed to make us whole and complete and we feel good about ourselves... For a short while... There's a reason that feeling doesn't last long: it wasn't our feeling in the first place, it was implanted in us from the outside...

Like so many of the things we feel...

If this is still making sense, then you likely realize that love, empathy, compassion, trust, patience, and acceptance are the internal emotions being subdued by those which are being implanted... There is no need of major analysis, or study groups to see just how lacking so many of us have become in these emotions, which can only imply an engineered targeting of these by whomever thinks these traits are either bad or dangerous... Sure love and trust can end badly, but their rewards far exceed their risks when applied correctly. I'm not saying caution be dammed because the hooligans who've been switching out our emotions with powdered decaf are among us and know how to blend in much better than I can these days, and they'd stop at nothing to steal back your fragile trusts and feed once again on your broken dreams... Again, best litmus test I have is finding out who laughs when an elderly lady falls down, or when someone kicks a puppy... I'm sure I could list a few others, but I really don't need to go to my dark place right now..



  1. Sometimes we all go to a dark place. The difficulty is getting out of it. Even when things appear to be going right they are still going wrong. It's just hard to tell how wrong in the current light. Time sometimes highlights how wrong they were and sometimes it don't.
    I was born into this slavery and I have lived my life as a wage slave. I see no end to it. Each day I force myself out of bed and though the first of the mornings urges to regurgitate, brought on by the thoughts of my future day, I think to my self, I need only get though this day for now and I sing this song in my head while I make coffee and endure the waves of repulsion at the thought it all.
    Never have so many, worked so hard, so so few can be so rich.
    Take care

    1. my mention of not needing to go to a dark place was more in theme with not wishing to allow my brain to continue it's descent into what madness I believe goes on among the sadists who consider themselves to be our benevolent owners, rather than to that of faltering to some kind of debilitating depression... While depression is kinda par for the course and rather anticipated when knowing full well that most people are not ready to hear whatever I happened to have been saying, meaning it is not without it's own release at simply rejoicing in having had the foresight to have seen it coming... It is almost a double negative in that regards as I plod on through it all happily gratified that I became despaired precisely as anticipated...

      I am not sure if I am making any sense here...