Sunday, 17 November 2013

Reprise, Rinse, Repeat

I had mentioned in a previous post that I am not spending as much time following the news as I used to, because I find the repetitive nature of the cyclonic vortex into the depths of utter insanity to be rather a tedious bore. Coincidentally, this has led to a large reduction in the number of angry rants appearing in this blog... However... I do still pay attention to things because I am apparently a masochist, or I give a shit, or something.

My city has it's first 'actually elected' mayor after a series of, arresting the last corrupt bastard 3 times over. Not that I feel very differently about this jackoff than any of his predecessors, and figure it's simply a matter of a year at most before this guy is embroiled in some scandal. I mean, the reality is this: I live in the Detroit of Canada with all the crime in city Hall instead of the streets and bankruptcy date as yet undetermined... Maybe this mayor will have that Rob Ford syndrome of forgetting the time he smoked crack because he was drunk... Hmmmmm, Rob Ford, Betty Ford, relatives? I wonder...

Blasé and humdrum... You never really have to look far to see things which are criminal to some, yet are common practice to those who perceive themselves immune to laws. The avarice has consumed their ability or desire to remain covert and patient. This is the only logical conclusion one can come to unless one truly wishes to believe these behavioral patterns are some new phenomenon, on whom the sole blame must by the internet. I neither wish nor believe that poor excuse, but I am certain it's being toted about by many of the special interests as some sort of rallying call.

Many of us are aware that the internet was never intended for the general populace to use as anything but a vehicle for cat videos or anal gape rape porn. It was commercialized to make fake money cross fake lines on a map easier, yet, funny enough, we figured out that it was invented as a means of sharing information and knowledge... So it's been an enemy and fall guy ever since.

I'm not sure why it's been so hard for those who own everything to dissuade the rest of everyone from believing there could be anything altruistic about the cat video porn delivery system. Maybe one to many cats were let out of the bag, and now there's no way that genie fits back in the bottle.

Well this feels like the end of the post even if I've made one, none, or many points... I don't recall characterizing myself as consistent, anyway... Note: I will attempt to update this post with the intended links, but since my PC just decided it can't find windows, and adding links from my phone is a large pain in my ass, this may take a day or 2.


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