Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Interweb Facades and Yellow Flag Parades

I figure, I should possibly put this out here to try and justify that I am both human and fallible.... Not that I feel any innate need to prove myself to anyone in particular, but simply to try and knock my overtly large ego down a peg or two.

I was duped by someone recently, not in any large way like sending money to a Nigerian prince or ending up in the sex-slave market, nor any other of those horrendous tales you hear occurring in the underbelly of human horrors all to often these days... No mine was more of a social dupe where somebody was playing the part of someone they were not. I won't say there were no tell-tale signs that this person was not who they claimed to be, but alarmingly, none of my normal red alerts fully triggered themselves. They just yellow-flagged certain details as being off. Eventually, this person felt guilty and confessed, or they felt that a third slip up would completely unravel the entire cover-story... I cannot be sure which it was because the sequence of events past don't rearrange themselves according to my desires, if they did, I'd have won a few lotteries by now.

But life goes on. Gut feelings are still gut feelings and maybe there are certain subtleties not as easily felt... I could blame it all on my desire to trust that people want to be honest, good, and loving over deceptive, malicious, and self-centered. I know this is in direct conflict to this age of materialism, personal gratification, and self-loathing, but I cannot simply give up and trust in nothing and nobody in a world already super saturated in its own artificiality. What would that leave? Might as well apply for a job at Dewey, Falkham, & Howe if only to splatter my gray matter all over the 35th floor corner office within the first month... Nobody can convince me that's how I end, not even me.

So I pick myself up and brush off the grass stains and dust and press onward down the seldom walked roads just a little wiser. Maybe I'll pay more heed to the yellow flags littering the landscape, or maybe I'll keep finding the same intersection at Benefit & Doubt, but it isn't me who will lose sleep over whatever comes next... But then I haven't lost sleep over what came last either...



  1. Everyone can be duped. What might be important is to determine if they duped you for a reason like some sort of gain other than to just get their jolly(s). Either way though I would watch my back with that person from now on. Trust is a funny thing. Some say you have to trust but I've never been able to give it explicably. It has to be earned with me and once it is violated it can never be regained. I forgive but never forget and when it comes to trust I won't feed a dog who bit my hand. So be careful you don't lose a finger with that dog.

    1. no, there was no monetary exchange, nor anything else of any real consequence... All the more reason it just seems odd to be duping people.