Saturday, 12 October 2013

No Choice But To Not Choose

Well, another long awaited, much delayed blog entry is upon me. Again I'll attempt to reword the exact same bottled and distilled sentiment of disgust for the lowest common denominator, rock bottom priced, yet no one can afford, prepackaged garbage called freedom of choice between Walmart or Target, and from which your choice was based primarily in which place you could obtain an employee discount. I say these things as I two facedly scam Wi-Fi from the nearby apple store shrine of worship to all that is newly obsolete yet polished shiny and observably thumb-fucking my own shining and polished, obsolete three years before it was made, NSA locator tag...

I'd hate the world if it weren't so ironically backwards as to make it simple to point and laugh at. Though I would have figured more people would be pointing and laughing by now... Maybe that's not happening for the same reasonings as my own pointed words have s slowed of late... The simple need to ignore it all for a while to rebalance the sane from the insane, because nobody can remain immersed in utter insanity every hour of every day and hope to emerge unscathed... So we take to the silence of our own mind now and again.

But then the USA is closed so I guess that means the Zionists need a new pitbull to unleash rabid and foaming in Syria... Unless there was some last minute autopilot contingency put in place, which I somehow missed during this sabbatical... Seems unlikely though as I am not the only person who's been paying attention...

I know there have been consequences when I write what I'm thinking... I now have a measured and observed difference between being offered 1 possible job every three weeks (which I ultimately don't get), to being offered 3 or 4 jobs a week, some of which I still haven't seen to any conclusiveness of not getting... Maybe next week the theory shall be proven, as I will post this, and the 2 open offers suddenly forget I exist...

I am aware that the grass is brown and laden with grubs and rotworm on every side of the fence, but I can't help but wonder if it's time to give up on here, and go there just to see if things change even slightly... I only know that I'll never really know if I don't test the theory, but the question has always been one of where to then? I've had some recent dalliance with the idea of Kingston, but almost no logic which presents this as a good idea... Maybe that's exactly why it should be followed, but then maybe that's fate rather than destiny talking.... It's hard to know since both appear to speak using the same voice, except that one uses a much more finite verbiage than the other... It's subtle enough that most tend not to hear the difference, but the devils in the details.

Which comes right back to this freedom of false choices issue... It isn't as though the banksters don't also own Kingston just as they do almost every other property or worldly possession known to exist. No the true freedom to choose is actually realized in choosing not to choose. The game can only be won by never having played it in the first place, which is why so few seem to comprehend that there was even a game in play, they're too busy debating the rulebook while watching the instant replay to recognize just how they've been played. Sure some may be gaining a certain level of awareness to the horror that is the truth, but I know from my own experience that there ain't no simple 12-step program created to ween you from the programming... And if there was it would have been created by those same programmers so why would you ever trust it?

So I'm well past any point of no return, not that going back to whatever once was sounds even remotely palatable, yet at the same time I'm still trapped in the hamster wheel with little means of escape. I'd become the phoenix reborn of my own ashes if I truly believed it would make any difference one way or the other, but have come to think that at most I'd only serve the purpose of a bad example. This is what so often happens when things are left to the interpretation of expert morons with a PhD in stupid. And a lot of things are left to be interpreted by exactly those morons in these times.

I've had a very odd encounter lately with someone who feels like a lifelong friend yet I've never actually met them... I have no means of knowing if anything about this person is true yet something just resonates as 'can't be any other way'. Maybe this is simply the mirror holding itself up and revealing that my sentiment exists out there as well as in here, and maybe this was presented at a much needed time as i had been lacking the strength of faith to not give up and put the kabash on everything and give in to all the brainwashing if for no other reason than to gain just a little latitude, even if this latitude were simply for the sake of appearances as many who are close to me don't see or understand the world in the same light as I do.

Thus far my sacrifice has been the cost of nonconformity, I refuse to compromise myself for the safety of having a carrot on a string dangled before me, yet somehow this comes off as being lazy, or uncreative, or failing to adapt. The exact opposite is true, however, as nobody appears to realize just how hard it is to refuse to consider any part of this place as being normal given that I am shown the cost of this refusal on a daily basis. It's, in fact, rather difficult to continuously struggle against the torrent of sleepwalkers who refuse to mind where they are or which direction they travel, and who won't even take a second look at their surroundings. But then so many dreams seem real while you are in them, regardless of whatever physical impossibilities may occur, right up until that fading recollection in the first ten minutes after waking.

Well, I've said a lot of nothing much here, and taken much more time to say it than I'd hoped. It's no longer yesterday afternoon here but tomorrow morning, which, given the absence of links is possibly the longest any of these ramblings had ever taken... But this is that first ten minutes after waking and the dream is slowly fading, so it would appear that this is as good a time to end this as any...


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