Monday, 14 October 2013

Elbow deep a in flaming bag of dogshit

I am never more amazed by what the media talks about than I am by what the media does not talk about. It certainly aids the cause of pointing out who must control that which is called news, when they seemingly fail to mention that yet another European nation has told the Rothschild usury machine and it's wholly owned subsidiary named the IMF to go fuck it's self. Of course they then will go on and fail to mention anything about how that's working out for that nation because nobody wants to hear horrific words like: 'amazingly fast recovery'... That might lead to some foolish monkey see monkey do type of act where people have the gall to believe that if it's working there, it just might work here...

The nerve of some of us non-economists to think we might have some grasp of simple math wherein 1 is somehow equal to 1, instead of 1.025, or whichever number greater or less than 1 we were expected to swallow as being identical to 1 when it obviously never was. Yes, they really think we are all just that stupid, when in reality the only ones that stupid were the corrupt, greedy, and evil mongrels we were foolish enough to have elected to represent us in not selling our future for some useless and worthless trinkets, which according to the fine print we likely don't even own, but rather rented the privilege of viewing from the other side of triple-paned bulletproof glass until they've decided they don't even want us doing that anymore.

It isn't really that they will take it away, but rather that the batteries in the holographic projector will inevitably expire revealing the guarded display case to be as empty as it ever was. That's the real gag behind it all, it's always been over nothing.... Except when it was over less than nothing... Thankfully I doubt it will be me reaching into the grab bag of stolen booty to find myself elbow deep in flaming dog shit simply because I am fairly certain I'd find precisely that, so I wouldn't be fool enough to put my hands into it in the first place... But if it so pleases you, be my guest, prove me wrong if you can, just don't despair as I will laugh at whomever proves me right by getting an armful of searingly hot stink.

Surely you must be aware of the rate at which our decent has begun to accelerate. It won't be too long now before we speed right past free fall into tailspin nosedive. And still the reporter on the street fails to ask who's piloting the plane, while instead advertising how rigorously the manufacturer claims to have stress-tested the wings, or maybe giving the sand covered 2 almonds in a bag a 4 out of 5 stars... Always the focus on the banal and trivial details which keep the discussion from becoming anything remotely practical... In the end you know they will simply accuse a brown person halfway around the world for the whole damned mess, so why don't you save yourself the time and tune into one of those horribly scripted reality shows now? It's always easiest to feel smugly superior while boo boo eats 'sghetti', isn't it?

In case you missed the cynical and sarcastic inflection not audible in written texts, fuck off... I'd repeat it if everything I write here didn't already feel l like a regurgitation of some prepackaged near-food Monsanto concoction I accidentally ingested weeks or even months ago. Yes, I feel like I am simply plagiarizing myself over and over in the hopes of making any kind of progress in making my point idiot proof, which my background in user end computer support, dictates to be an albino wooly mammoth... Sadly, idiot proofing tends to simply create a better idiot in most cases. Maybe that makes me the real idiot, for cotinuing to try...



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  2. Never underestimate the ingenuity of an idiot