Tuesday, 29 October 2013

It's all about CONTROL

Sometimes I just have to laugh at it all because I have known full well for a long time that the control freaks are completely out of hand. It isn't that I've had some inside scoop handed to me or any proof undeniable dropped in my lap, but mostly that some truths are self-evident. they simply are whether we like it or not. The bottom line is that when I look out the window, I don't see the world that I once did, my perception on things have changed so much that I can no longer even see the facade.

No I don't suddenly have X-ray vision, but simply for what I know and understand I can no longer identify the exterior shell / mask put in place for the general public's consumption. I know it's still there, so don't think I am suddenly NEO who sees only computer code while within the matrix, even if this isn't really that far from the truth. It's actually more of an emotional sense that what I am looking at isn't really what I am looking at but is rather something much uglier, and more sinister than the object put in place in order to hide intent, except on the rare occasion that it is exactly what it looks like because one really cannot mask certain types of things from looking like exactly what they are. These things, however, are much rarer than you might expect.

The way I see things, the world is a giant interlocking control system. One system overlaid on top of another which at first glance simply appear to be independant of one another each performing it's own function somewhat unaware of the existence of any other system... But on further examination you realize that everything is in concert with everything else and that the apparent randomness of whirring gear(heads) and spinning cogs do follow a pattern of sorts. It's not something you could dance to but then with the present state of entertainment, what is?

What control systems? you ask. Well let's examine these starting with the more minor levels. You have the entertainment industry, and the 'news' media. These control systems form your opinions, and create your 'taste' or fashion sense, they inform you of all the things you can't possibly live without even though the thing itself might be new and you lived your prior years without and somehow survived. I lump these 2 together because I find myself to be rather entertained by what passes for news in this day and age, and much less entertained by anything released by the music, film, or television industries over the past decade (actually longer, but who's counting)... I won't deny that HBO still manages to write decent material, nor that there are some bands who still make music, nor that hollywood occasionally has an original idea, but majority of things out of this space is a poor, watered down, sanitized copy of the better version released 10 or 40 years ago... While the news asks you 'how you feel about' <whatever-polarized-topic> allowing you to select one of their randomly generated multiple choice answers like I feel "banana" or "elated" but never a choice that might truly express that you feel the whole lot of them should be put in prison. That was your freedom of choice, because you choose nothing else in this world. This is why I usually feel pomegranate on most 'hot-button-topics' because I am most certainly not elated.

Moving on... Religion, pseudo-religion, cults, and even to some degree, spirituality... These are the things which have always told you how to behave... Not that I disagree with everything ever written because obviously if we just went about our day killing willy-nilly (à là thou shalt not kill) then how would we ever survive as a species... Quite simply we would not, but beyond simple logical rules there are vast sprawling texts of poorly translated misinterpreted vagueries which can be twisted to mean whatever the person standing and speaking in front of the crowd wants them to mean. There is no 'thou shalt not be gay', but I do understand that we can't ALL be gay at the same time because that leaves no next generation.... I have been stupified by the number of anti-gay activists who in the same breath think we need better population control without doing the simple math that maybe this whole 'being gay' thing is simply nature trying to balance itself out... But you really can't talk sense to raving lunatics... At the same time I really don't think we need to turn 'being gay' into some trendy new thing that all the kidz are doing... The reality is that the 'thou shalt not be gay' sentiment was likely perpetuated by people who, behind the scenes, have been running a ponzi scheme and know full well that the only way that can ever work out is by having an ever-steady flow of "more suckers" at the ready to prevent a total collapse. Religion and spirituality come from within. Anybody who tells you differently is most likely going to pass around the 'offering dish', or 'book authored by none other than the one telling you it ain't like I just said' any moment now.

Of course religion has it's laws, some make sense, others do not. but that brings us to Legislation and Politics. These control systems are interlocking because ultimately, one is in charge of the other (at least on it's surface, but I'll get into that later). Now let's get this out of the way right now: you think you are in control of politics because you vote every 4 years, this is one of the biggest dupes going.  Ask yourself this: who decides what names go on the ballot? Do we get to vote for the party leaders? No. Who does? I am not going to answer this one for you.... And when these politicians have used up our trust by lying, cheating, and pillaging as much as they can from our goodwill the move on to nice cushy positions in law firms (because most are liars, er, I mean, lawyers), banks, or sometimes university alumni (so they can pass on their skills in mass hypnosis to the future generations). Politicians are some of the sneakiest devils, in the way they pass off non-budget items into a 300-page annual 'budget bill', or introduce some 'new legislation' which is really something that didn't pass 2 years ago with a 'new name', or even some poorly-worded legislation written directly by lobbyist groups, think tanks, corporate big wigs, or celebrities whose aim is to charge us carbon credits for every unconsciously exhaled breath which once enacted could be used as the dragnet that makes everyone guilty of something... Could I send in my thoughts on how to improve or change a bad situation? Sure, but will they listen to some nameless face in the crowd? No... that's what they have experts and 'focus groups' stock full of people on the proper payroll for.

Which brings us to the final and most ultimate control system: Money... Our 'debt as a currency' system finances everything and is ultimately accountable to nobody but it's own insiders who are too busy stealing anything that isn't nailed down to observe how much the next guy is also stealing... And because it's all debt (the aforementioned Ponzi scheme), who are they stealing it from? Us, our children, our children's children, ad infinitum forever in perpetuity. The banks are fucking us, and the central banks are there to fuck us again in case we cry rape, but since we ultimately borrowed every dollar we own from them, and someone decided this was 'not a sin', and 'perfectly legal', and 'fashionable', and 'a sound investment' we obviously cannot pursue any normal avenue of arbitration or assistance, can we? I wonder who could have possibly had the money to buy up any escape-routes we had? Hmmmm... But of course money only exists because we believe it exists; like the tooth-fairy, the system is as easily crushed as the hopes and dreams of a 10-year-old who woke up while you were trying to put coins under their pillow.

So how do you define 'what is real' in a world hopelessly dependant on a figment of it's own imagination?


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