Tuesday, 17 September 2013

WTF? Really?!!

I don't really have anything to write today, and was actually just going to post a George Carlin compilation video... Then it happened. My phone rang, it was a headhunter, who said:

We see by your profile that you are not a 'programmer / developer' but rather a 'tech support and networking tech' person. We have an opening for C++, Java, and Perl developer is there anybody you know and could recommend for this position?

Needless to say, I lost my shit on this person!!! Does my profile suggest that I am going to do your fucking job for you? You are the headhunter, not me, I am an 'out of work' Network Administrator who isn't getting paid by anybody, so you can go fuck yourself!!! <click>

Did that really just happen? What the hell is wrong with people???

Anyhow, enjoy some George Carlin while I go smash my head into a wall until I am unconscious.


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