Saturday, 14 September 2013

ask the experts in your regularly scheduled programming

I know it has been a while since I have asked why do we trust 'experts' to give us our opinions? I mean here's one expert we can't trust to give us a copy of her diploma, so what else might she lie about, hmm? I am an expert in one thing, and that is knowing better than to call myself an expert at anything even if I do know that Egypt borders neither Syria, nor Iran:

Iraq'ed my brain trying to figure out what's not right here...

I mean, experts came up with the idea that NAFTA would be good for Canadian consumers via lower prices, but instead we get this kind of thing happening. These kinds of things usually end poorly, yet we still have politicians negotiating TPP, CETA, & FIPA (oops, too late on FIPA) behind closed doors... If there really was some concern on their part, for foreign investors, then there would be a whole lot of people in prison for all those Triple-A rated junk bonds known as Mortgage Backed Securities which were purchased by the American taxpayer, rather than prosecuted. Nobody has gone to jail for that, but somehow, we now have swat teams sent out to establish who pissed in the pool, or something along that vein.

Do we really need an expert to tell us that 'bus boy' is such a complex career choice that it should have unpaid internships associated with it? How twisted and backwards do things need to be before everybody realizes that we left the boundaries of anything even resembling normal a long time ago, and that the only way to get back to normal is by stopping the rank-in-file march into insanity.

I know it's hard to hear oneself think over the 'regularly scheduled programming', which is why you should start in a small and targeted way, like, for example, "why do they call it programming?" seems like as good a place to begin to question things as any, does it not? Eventually that single question leads to a "Could they really be this blatantly NOT hiding this 'program' from the 'programmed'?" at some point down the line... I mean, the word "program" itself seems to have some very interesting meanings, most of which pertain to 'plans of action', 'encoding operating instructions', 'inserting instructions', 'causing automatic responses', or "a radio or television production".... Hmmm, that's interesting, isn't it?


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    so how many "Jews" can fit in an oven ?