Monday, 11 March 2013

Stoned in bankrupt nation

The so-called "experts" have started with their warnings (although, they're still pretty tame and toothless at this point)... After 'a period week economic growth' I suspect we'll find ourselves in a 'short period of moderate economic slowdown' followed by a 'mild recession' and ending with 'you should have bought gold in 1990'... But don't worry, the housing bubble hasn't collapsed because other experts are suggesting we'll have to wait ten years before a two bedroom condo becomes affordable... I am not surprised by any of it, and I'm sure I've mentioned these things before. Quite simply put: there is no way that debt as a currency compounded by interest can maintain status quo indefinitely.

The only way it would or even could work, is that everybody has to have 2 children, meaning 4 kids per married couple. Because we can't just have the lowest class repopulating the debt slaves, people who can afford to pay the higher education of all 4 kids need to be in the mix. But, it doesn't end there, your 2 kids (or 4 if you are a nucular family) will need to have 3 kids each, and then their 3 kids will have to have 4... The debt will never actually be paid, but there will be enough slaves being repopulated to keep the elite/corrupt bankers happy...

Oh, wait... I'm a little bit wrong... Prior to being sent off to fight wars (to help indebt us more), soldiers will be obliged to parent their allotted children, or at least give up enough of their genetic material (spermatozoa/ovum) to allow the state to create their children in the event that they should be killed in action.

Also, all persons having had their 2 children must be sterilized to maintain the delicate balance of fiscal responsibility.

Actually, even I don't buy that... I mean it will work for a while longer than what we've been doing already, but it would still find a hard maximum where there was no longer enough photo-synthesizing plants to process the exponentially exhaled CO2 we'd produce after a dozen generations or so... But I am sure the bankers will have innovated a mandatory incineration of all people over an age to be decided per generation as the retirement age drops gradually from 65 to 40...

I still feel like I am forgetting something, and, as such, all of this would still fail.

I guess what I am trying to say is: Fuck the Experts.

It would be far simpler to outlaw many of the practices used by economists and many of the fine print clauses the bankers are fond of... Usury has been declared a sin by most religions, and yet now the usurers are above the law. We need to take back control of the money supply and keep the debt machines called banks in check... And I think financial fraud is a great reason to bring back the guillotine or public stoning.

Oh, and in other news: Locusts in the promised land. I love the irony.


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