Thursday, 14 March 2013

You can't run away from the morning

Some days I wonder who out there likes me enough that I am always fed new ammunition... It's only been 1 day since I ranted about inflation and how it does not consider energy, and immediately I'm told the same liars who hide these numbers are the ones who wanted the biggest increase of them. It's like shooting fish in a barrel after somebody emptied it of water. Maybe it is simply time to move on to different points in order that, they too, prove themselves, but I shall have to contemplate this for a short while before determining if I am leading or being led...

There are many stray paths conspiring to shield us from the truth, and re-conscript us into doing the dirty work for the master of many names. This, of course, is why there's always been 'so-called' devil's music even if the devil had nothing to do with it. Demonization is the simplest and most effective propaganda, since there is no way to convince others you've never met the prince of darkness? So it becomes a matter of faith and personal judgement.

It is unfortunate just how hijacked the truth movement is. I suppose it's simply a case of some bad people knowing full well how group psychosis works.

It's so easy to interject a pound of lies with an ounce of truth and a sprinkle of misdirection sending those who've only become partially aware on the wild goose chase in search of little green men and skipping right past the large demons in the corner of the room.

It's really just a matter of time now before the gargoyles and vampires can no longer hide under cover of mass hypnosis as the speed of things accelerates daily. Those who can see it are neither fooled nor in fear of calling it out, and there is little that can change the velocity of the dawn...

Of, course certain media outlets appear to be shooting themselves in the foot when they do things like this:
It should not be a surprise to anyone that I elected not
to create yet another username and password combo...
I'll find other sources for that information who do not feel
it's their right to sell my email address to their partners,
thank you.
and then they have the nerve to wonder why nobody trusts the media anymore? Like it's some kind of shocking development. 

Similar things are already happening to the hijackers who claim to be fighting the man then go on to demonstrate that they are fighting a man, and not the man. Those who were not willing to jump down the rabbit hole head first without paratrooper gear tend to stand out among those who were, and they also slow down the minute their comfort level nears point break and the rip-cord is pulled. These cowards do not have the required momentum to break through the false floors and find out what is truly at the bottom of all this, and no amount of jumping up and down will change that. 

There is one undeniable truth presented by Alex Jones which is that there is a definite Info War going on here in Prison Planet. This is not to say he has chosen to seek out truth, but has rather elected to pepper the truth sparingly as he stirs the pot as dictated by his sponsors. Maybe deep down, he is aware of this, and knows far more than he rants on about and is keeping dormant until the most explosive evidence lands in his lap that it can no longer be contained, but it seems like that time came and went long ago.

Maybe it is the public eye that causes such things to happen, a small taste of limelight and addiction quickly sets in.

I find myself thinking similarly in regards to Jesse Ventura as he frequently barks up to wrong tree for two thirds of his hour-long conspiracy theory program, while failing to explore certain evidence Which was more important from my perspective. Maybe there is only so much a public figure can ever hope to accomplish before being put in a choke-chain. 

For what it's worth, I still consider both of these people as a 'starting point' for those who've begun to wonder 'what's wrong with this place?', my only hope is that they get the same gut feeling I do when I watch these people plateau in their comfort zone. Because, I doubt there is a whole lot of limelight available to those unwilling to obey their Zionist puppet-masters, even with the loss of faith in mainstream which is pushing the underground outwards and upwards like the cream in a butter churn.

Of course new distractions are all abuzz now with things the first Jesuit pope needs to do, which is really a ploy for the media to demonstrate that they are on your side, if you are still listening, and if you are not, please come back... Please... Let's face it, people can't afford the cable bill anymore and the internet is more interactive (despite being a bit of a double-edged sword), and tends to have what you are looking for exactly when you are looking for it which is far better than synchronized commercial breaks every 8.5 minutes. And it has some true debate with interesting points contradicting everything we're being told.

Whether you choose to believe any of it is not up to me. I simply offer things the way I see them, and allow you to choose to believe whatever you want to believe


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