Wednesday, 21 November 2012

No wicked for the restless

It appears as though a cosmic shift may have happened, at least, it has if I've been reading the numbers properly. That's not to discount the numbers having been doctored, which they frequently are. But my gut tells me the numbers aren't truly fudged, while also making loud suggestions that it might be time to eat.

Some people are acting rather upset by the prattle and background noise murmuring on the internet, as though there were some kind of giant flame war happening across the entire WWW. Of course, the ones who are upset were looking for a real war and will likely pout until they get one.

Why all the hatred? Just because the rest of us have found a voice doesn't mean you can't go about your killing spree... Or does it? I didn't think outside opinions mattered to psychopaths. Every bit of psychology I've ever heard or read suggests that psychopaths aren't even truly aware there is a 'rest of us', let alone that we might have an opinion.

I could be wrong, such things do happen. A misremembered fact, or discombobulated fragment of one article overlaid into the middle of another. I do spend much time and effort in absorbing information and less time and effort trying to keep memories from leaching into each other. But I know you can't have your shit and fling it too, that much should appear to be a given to everyone.

Of course, if we'd all spent a little more time keeping leaches from leaching maybe we wouldn't have nuclear armed homeless people bombing those whom they somehow managed to evict while laying the blame on those who keep telling us they just want to mind their own business... Sure it would make for a dull blog post, or none at all, but I'm certain I could find other ways to entertain myself. But maybe not that.

It couldn't be so easy as simply stating "we are not amused"... Thus I doubt it is... Predictably, the other shoe will drop, maybe even this weekend while so many give thanks that they are neither homeless nor being preyed upon by a death cult even though they are still main course for those getting fat off the lamb. Strange things sometimes happen during the holidays.

Victims. Victims all. For the death cult knows no bounds, "do you think that's air you're breathing now? Hmmph". Were it truly air you'd have already smelled the shit which is rapidly approaching the fan, but not to worry. You're so close now, you can almost hear the alarm clock's shrill pierce.

Some people still don't get it, and so they debate over no flag or false flags for an entire week. Sooner or later it will all come out in the wash, thanks to new corruption strength Arctic powder (which is inexplicably black and smells a bit smokey). Theirs will be the tolling bell which you only hear if you are meant to, at which time they'll really wish they hadn't. Don't ask me why. I'm not in control of things.

Otherwise we'd be in a much funner place than this one, and my motives (as a controller of things) would be quite transparent as I often tend to think out loud.


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