Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tell me what I really think

Montrealers celebrate Obama's election win:
Americans weren't the only ones closely following the US election results last night.
Why is it NEWS that 200 people in a bar in downtown Montreal were watching the U.S. election coverage and rooting for Obama? How does this become 'me'? I am a Montrealer and I am one of the other 2 million people who was not in a bar watching election coverage and rooting for Obama. Sure, I follow politics, but I wasn't last night...

So how comes the media to this decision to speak for me, and depict me doing what I did not do based on the patronage of one bar downtown? There could easily have been 200 people who rented prostitutes last night, or flagged down a taxi on Saint-Catherine between Guy and Saint-Denis, or ate falafel, and none of those people is me either. So how did I get to being an Obama loving drunk on a Tuesday night?


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