Sunday, 8 April 2012

Atlas shrugged

In a vague half remembered dream sequence, I remember being trained into the belief that I was to one day inherit the world. I suspected that to be untrue, but at the time it was more for the realization that I would have nowhere to keep it, and it would be far too large to carry with me everywhere I went... So I left it right where it was and decided to share it with all of you... That was over 20 years ago, and if I was offered the world again I would flatly refuse to keep it because it has been damaged, I fear, beyond repair. Far too large a job for me to fix, and I doubt I could trust many others to not be influenced by their own agenda or succumb to the thirst for power. But I suppose it couldn't hurt to make a suggestion on how to fix things.

The power brokerage of politicians, bankers, lawyers, war mongers, and the criminally insane could slowly be unseated from it's throne in much the same way as they have done to us one government at a time. Of course, this would require some very convincing actors to be placed into the power structure, because, let's face it, it's a rigged game that no humble or honest person can win. This actor must make it past the screening process and convince those in the shadows that he/she would make for an awesome puppet and find their way onto the ballot... Campaign promises can remain just as toothless, stagnant and untrue as any other politicians past and present, because they are not actually relevant.

Upon election this new administration would begin to set a covert plan in motion. It begins with the printing of a new currency, the drafting of a legal framework where the new and old currency remain legal tender for a period of time (probably 10 years). Once there is enough money printed, a press-release, and a veto or executive order would be signed declaring the new money as legal. Then, all Government employees would be paid in this new cash. Government would spend the new currency into existence and it would begin to circulate into the economy. Because this new money was not borrowed from anyone and was created by the government it would be technically 'free' for the government, in that, it does not incur interest.

The old money could still be printed legally at this time... In eight years, the government should begin to encourage printing massive amounts of the old currency while keeping a tighter control on the new currency printing. This would cause a rapid devaluation of the old and indebted currency and effectively flush out anybody still hoarding vast amounts in vaults or bunkers, while also effectively reducing the debt inherent to it to pennies on the dollar. This would also strengthen the newer currency at the same time, because it would now be in high demand by anyone who was hoarding the old moneys.

After ten years, declare the old currency to no longer be legal tender and pay any remaining debt for it's use and issuance with the new currency free of interest... Banking laws must also be changed to outlaw interest in favour of a flat fee on lending plus late charges. Federal taxes should no longer be collected or required because the government owns the money supply. Then we move on to another country and implement this same plan there...

A ten year plan that fundamentally changes the meaning of 'fiscally responsible government'. Because now, the government is in direct control of the economy. We're in a recession? Government can respond by spending more money on anything, so long as the goods or services were purchased within the country and see an almost instant turn around. Sounds much better than manipulating interest rates and hoping the banks will lend people money, especially since that does not seem to be working very well in the U.S. in the past several years.

Of course, this wringer candidate would most likely be publicly shot in the genitals before being able to carry out even half of this plan. So we are still at an impasse where I chose not to inherit this broken world...

Maybe Atlas merely sighed...


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