Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The silent U.S. invasion of Canada

As the old adage goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. However, you must remember to occasionally stand back and analyze who belongs in which group, because once our enemies are closer than our friends the line becomes blurry in much the same way as abduction victims often become sympathetic and even amicable towards their captors. Another adage 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth' despite it's meaning and origins tends only to remind me that the Trojans were once gifted a horse, giving this yet another double entendre.

Where was I going with this? Well, politicians fall into that group of people I try to keep 'closer' in terms of scrutiny. I particularly don't trust those that somehow managed to win despite the massive turn of events in my own Province, which is often the anecdote to the rest of the country, but I feel this time was acting as the antidote instead. Add to that there is another politician who I could not have voted for, and whom I believe was illegally on the ballot to begin with for a sum of two people I highly distrust. Well, now both of these leaders who've shown me no reason at all to trust either of them are engaged in talks about a 'perimeter agreement', the details of which are fairly secretive, but make "gift horse" promises about how much better it will all be. Well, don't look that in the mouth... No, instead we should carve open it's belly to see if it's intestines are, in fact, horse and not a security force bent on killing us in our sleep.

The Canadian Media is citing privacy, security, and consumer related concerns from many Canadian watchdog groups but is at the same time claiming that the agreement is not available for review by press nor public. To a large degree I actually believe this. One of the large points in the soundbite I watched last night cited there may soon be labeling of 'Made in North America' on products which sounds much worse to me than the way it was enthusiastically read by the announcer/reporter. The soundbite also made claims that Canada would see prices fall more in line with those south of the border... Where have I heard that line before? Maybe in 1991 with the introduction of the GST, or was I told this when NAFTA was signed? Either way, something that Mulroney had a part in... I have never voted 'Conservative' since, not that I did before anyway

The 'Perimeter'? --More than a line in the sand

This U.S./Canada 'perimeter agreement' would seem to go beyond border security with this claim. It is no longer simply about allowing the FBI to bust down my door because I write a blog that is often 'anti-policy', 'anti-war', 'anti-police-state', 'anti-corporatocracy', and 'anti-USG', but now bleeds into manufacturing, food production, consumerism, and even national identity. When nations form trade agreements (ie: NAFTA) which policy wins? Generally speaking, the lowest common denominator always wins.

Canada has more oversite over food and drug testing (not that it is e. coli proof, nor even close to perfect) than does our neighbour to the south, so our policy will change to meet theirs. Given that theirs would appear to be based on who has the most 'lobbyist' money invested rather than what tests have been done (or if there are any conclusive results of any testing for that matter), we are in a great deal of danger just from our FDA approved unlabelled as 'genetically modified' wheat, corn and soy which may or may not have been 'Made in Canada'.

In fact I would separate Food from Drug for the sake of making the world a safer place, since I cannot 'sustain' myself by eating drugs morning noon and night even though there may actually be some vitamins and certainly much fiber in a pound of marijuana. I doubt that Aspirin could make that claim as even Bayer knows that too much Asperin will eat though the stomach so 3 bottles for a snack is actually more akin to the last supper. So if 'approved' 'over the counter' or 'off the shelves' drugs are not to be taken in quantities of more than 500mg per 8 or 12 hour period and a single pill is maybe 1.5 calories it would require a crate of pills to provide the daily recommended 1500-1800 calorie intake, or two big macs without sides. While both examples will kill me, one will do it before I am finished the meal. I say keep the drugs out of my food altogether.

Made in North America

One of the things that has been much promoted in these dark economic times (at least in the independent media) is 'support your local economy'. This becomes a difficult task when I can not even be certain I supported my own 'national' economy in buying a product. I can however point out that labour laws are more restrictive against corporate abuse in Canada, and minimum wages are higher. Again the lowest common denominator rears it's head. so we loose our protection as citizens of our own country where we elected people to keep slave drivers from exploiting us to the lower standards of a country where the highest lobbying dollar wins...

But that is only the beginning. The failure (or non-desire) of the U.S. to expel all the illegal immigrants from Mexico has this all geared to hire Mexicans who are in the U.S. illegally instead of Americans or Canadians. Mexicans still fit under the umbrella of 'North America' so it means that 'legally' speaking 'Made in North America by North Americans' isn't even a lie. The big epiphany is that being illegal to work in the U.S. affords them no protection under anybody's laws (not even Mexican ones). So long as they are both willing and capable of doing whatever we used to do, they cannot complain to any judicial arm on conditions nor salary as they are not afforded such protections.

On the whole, this agreement not only sends a chill down my spine of the gestapo and big brother, but it collapses the Canadian economy, it steals our parliament, it annuls our sovereignty, and it invalidates our rights, freedoms, and protections...

And deep down, I can't help but feel this 'border crossing fee' I have previously ranted about was deliberately timed to persuade us that we'll all save that $5 border crossing fee when there is no longer a border.

The big secret ≡ The big fucked

I have never had any faith in a secret that I cannot see but am assured of too-good-to-be-true promises in the past. This suspicion has never proven to be misguided and I have absolutely no reason to doubt it now. Since this was never in my hands to begin with and my own control in this situation did not overcome the zombie vote my only remaining option is to insure I have a readily available supply of K-Y, and that I am ready to assume the position. Don't worry, the man with the rubber gloves and ballistic missile sized dildo is proficient in his work, it will be over soon and you will only really hurt in a year or two, once the catatonic shock wears off.


Update December 19th 2011
This video illustrates similar fears

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