Wednesday, 23 November 2011


So on the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, (former U.S.) President George W. Bush, and (former U.K.) Prime Minister Tony Blair are found guilty of war crimes for their 2003 Iraq invasion. While this seems like a fitting celebration to commemorate the 1st false flag in the chain, and an unpunished "regime change" military operation I am left to wonder what it means.

I commend that the judges introduced such ideals that; there were no WMDs; PNAC already had a road map to this war including a 'new pearl harbor' event; and that 9-11 investigations and official stories are quite lacking in substance. It also makes note of the fact that any WMDs that might exist in Iraq were sold by Reagan and Bush senior to Saddam. Of course none of the prestitute media that has made mention of this verdict highlights any of this, but I'd expect nothing less from the talking-head puppets.

I am fairly certain that the U.S. will dismiss any request to turn the criminal over to international authorities for sentencing as will the U.K. This much is obvious given these governments complicity in the crimes at hand, but what does this mean from the stand-point of the U.N.? Will this revoke these rogue states membership to the U.N. or will it invalidate the legitimacy of the U.N. itself?

Obviously loosing the largest global military body as a member would be akin to owning a guard-dog with no teeth, so I can only presume that this marks the beginning of the end for the U.N. and it's eventual transformation into some global lapdog of the Apocalypse. Then the growing police state corporatocracy can once and for all be rid of that pesky 'International Council for Human Rights' and all it's 'ideals'.

Yes, the new entity would likely be called the U.N.W.O. because there is an extreme lack of creativity among these cretins. 

This verdict is less of a statement, and more of a dropping of the gauntlet. The U.S. military-industrial complex will likely feel compelled to act rather than allow one of it's most prized puppets to be seized by a foreign body. The players in the Doomsday Project (or Continuity of Government) would not risk this kind of exposure; after having demonstrated to the world that 'water-boarding' is a wonderful means of obtaining information, they would not have much of a defense against such acts being performed against one of their key public-figure accomplices. And I would advocate using torture against war-criminals who are known to have endorsed torture, I'd even call it karma.

So, maybe Israel does not need to invade Iran to start WWIII after-all.


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