Sunday, 24 July 2011

fox propaganda channel: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Fox NEWS thinks it's time to move on from Rupert Murdock and NEWS CORP's voicemail hacking scandal. With Fox News' propensity to take a story and beat it to death for several months until we can all recite it in our sleep this is outright laughable given that Fox News is owned and operated by none other than Rupert Murdock and NEWS CORP (of course, this fact appears not to be mentioned in their rhetoric).

They are even so callous as to claim the real issue is that of hacking itself... WHAT?! Do you listen to yourselves talk? You are now creating the mind-trap that 'PROTECT-IP' is for the betterment of mankind and 'Innovation­­™' and using your own scandal to do it?!!! If that's the case, then let's beat NEWS CORP and Murdock, and all known affiliates to a bloody pulp with the 'PROTECT-IP' act

When the media isn't reporting on something, it leads me to believe that there's a bigger story they're hiding. I have always viewed the phrase 'Nothing to see here' to be a complete and utter lie to the exact opposite fact. Now, not only are they not going to report this (which should be considered criminal in my opinion), they are telling us there's nothing to see here.

So is this just the tip of the iceberg?

What other activities are found down this rabbit hole? Many have already suspected Fox News' premature announcement of Bush winning Florida while the polls were still open to be a huge case of election fraud. I mean, they already blur every line between editorial and news... Wait a minute, they don't report on NEWS anymore either, so what's the point of ranting.


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