Saturday, 13 August 2011

So what now?

OK, so I was on vacation for a couple of weeks and cut myself off from the world... Then I spent a week reading about what I missed and now I have no idea where to begin.

U.S. loses AA+ rating, stock market begins to crash: I can't say this is unexpected... I'm willing to bet that the banks would stop giving me credit cards after a dozen or so. Maybe that would not cause walls street to crash, but I've never attempted it so I can't even be certain of that. Regardless, Wall Street sometimes spooks at it's own shadow.

RIOTS and anarchy in the U.K.
Maybe this is a good place to start...
While I can sympathize with the situation, and I am not going to start name calling, racial profiling, or type casting, I still think rioting is the wrong direction. All these riots are going to do is start martial law, curfews, mass arrests, and a much larger police state. Sure the world did get to see the anger boil over, and Iran did manage to get a high-coo in there. But in the end, conditions will worsen, and the noose will tighten around the wrong necks.

In fact, it has already begun: homeless people still have to pay their mortgage. "zero tolerance" approach to anti-social behaviour.

The problem here was, all that anger went unfocused. The anger spilled out and hurt people in the community who had no hand in causing the initial problem. The outcome has become broken, burnt and looted stores and homes, it is now an ex-community, a hood with less neighbours. Make no mistake about it, I am aware that there are few options left to us as more of us wake up to realize that we actually are not living in a 'free society'. But we also cannot allow ourselves to become slaves to our own anger either because that is what "they" are waiting for. "They" already have countless laws and plans written up and at the ready to disperse disorderly conduct. "They've" been preparing and training for that contingency for decades.

There are a few avenues left that could disrupt the plans, but first (because they likely aren't expecting it) we must learn that we who are not bankers, politicians, military, or law enforcement (or some other elitist faction that has never had a punch card) are all on the same team. We must see past the veil of hate and disgust and racism that has been force-fed to us since our before great-great-grandparents were born. Once we make it past using 'racial-profiling', 'religious-propaganda', and 'false-patriotism' and learn to like and trust each other we'll begin to realize who the real enemy is.

And as 'Our' numbers grow as a united brotherhood against corruption, greed and lies "their" numbers will dwindle. Members of their goon squad will start to awaken to the fact that 'just following orders' doesn't help them sleep any better at night, the nightmares of all the innocent people they've abused, raped, stolen from and killed will haunt them too greatly. Once the goon squad's brainwashing has warn thin enough to question the 'why' they will cease being one of "them".

Then the elite will be doomed to idle threats and lack the big stick to back it up. And we will show them mercy, then we will seal them in the underground bunkers they've built for themselves where they can live out their dreams of a world without "us". Then we'll forgive each other the centuries of enslaved mistrust and programmed racism and rebuild the world (preferably one designed so that the banks can never gain the level of power and control they presently have).

Sure it will take time, sure it will take restraint, sure it will take effort, and I'm pretty sure it will still require some bloodshed and martyrdom too. But hope is the most powerful weapon we have, and is all most of us have left at this time.


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