Monday, 25 July 2016

Demented Avengers in the Department of Interior

So, the pace has ramped up of late in the department of mass-hysteria planning. I almost don't know where to begin... A LIE. We'll start with bloodless murder truck. Then we'll go to Germany because why not follow someone who was sent to 'document the event' BOTH TIMES.

This is how blatantly obtuse it's become, or how thinly stretched the powers that believe themselves to be are stretched. Not that I think armed rebellion will work in the places where the people are the most armed, but, in other places there is much less of an arms race going on it is likely a good idea. Haven't actually determined which place is a good one, my place isn't because we can't even bear words (another example here) let alone arms. Just in case you are still on the fence about government involvement, let's review the camera footage, oh, right, we can't. I could continue to list mass-killings, staged attacks, and other violent outbursts all day, but someone else has done much of that already.

I wish I had more than conjecture to offer in these matters, but, that's never been how my particular line of sight works. I can only see what I see and try to place words to it. I've never been much for stratego or other war games which might be why the world is becoming more uncomfortable. That is by design of course because the officials need to find things to do with all the bullets they've stockpiled over the past several years, and what's better than race riots and angry mobs of looting cop killers.

Then again, we could continue inventing bizarre new crimes against humanity, more confusions and frustrations added to the already complete overload... Am I male? Or am I non-trans-unfemale who is unattracted to my own archetype? That's a whole lot of words where 'man' used to be effective and unbiased. Then again, in a general chat in a game I play, the word penis was enough to start the self-appointed PC police foaming at the mouth. It was met with 'that is the PC term cock-face!' and I smiled. It's so beyond ridiculous that it's not even funny anymore.

We have to be sensitive and unhatefilled but let's not lead by example or anything foolish like that. 


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  1. I feel microagressed by your post. It has invaded my safe space on the internet. I couldn't stop reading even though I knew you had opposing principals to my own which I must now complain.
    To think that any government would do anything other than good for it's people is absolutely ludicrous. Your cheese has slide of your cracker.

    I'm just kidding off course. The truth is that everyday I wake, have coffee and think the world can't be fucked more today than yesterday. I get surprised everyday by how more fucked it can get. Between the blatant robbery of the taxpayers on one hand, to a fucked up civil system on the other. Jesus how bad will it get and can people be asleep while their being robbed blind, lied too and just anally violated with a rag man's trumpet?