Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Unending Circular Logic Of Feeding Our Own Demise

The speed of things has seemingly hit the frantic manic panic pace as I appear to be consistently a thousand news articles behind. Not that there appears to be much outside of rhetoric and repetition with the exception of the destroyed non-existent Russian tanks.

It's not that I wish to claim WTC 7 as unimportant especially given it's role as the emergency management centre, followed by it's odd disappearance caught live and even reported before the fact by more than one media outlet. And, when I use the word management, I consider that to mean very similar to how a former manager of mine used to dictate when, how long, and how brown of a shit I was permitted to take, meaning micro-managed in every minute detail. Obviously such an operations centre was not going to be allowed to exist long enough to be discovered even if those who were there to document the event were discovered.

Sure the whole 'event' played catalyst to just about every war that's since come to pass, but outside of that realisation, we are no closer to naming names or changing games. We are not going to get a revised official story or admission of guilt by the CIA or Moussad so it's rather a waste of resources trying to bust down that door while nobody's home... They vacated that place so long who they no longer remember their old zip code so what makes anyone believe that we'll get anything outside of a poorly structured retelling of the same lines and lies we already don't believe?

Besides, once the whole picture comes into focus you realise this was not actually the beginning of anything but the simple continuation of things which had been in play much, much longer... Just ask those who have owned Britain and France since the Napoleonic wars... OK they won't likely answer honestly, but they'll sure seem nervous at having even been asked in the first place, maybe simply taken aback at how you got past security, or maybe that you'd dare confront your owner despite their generous gift of caged freedom over all these centuries.

So few out there seem to save their outrage to lay it all on the bankers whose war we've fought against our own best interest while paying their interest... Why are so few interested in pointing out the irony that we pay them to lend us money they don't have so they can foot the bill on our travel expenses to anywhere people (they've trained and hired) are willing to shoot us?

No, instead, we blame Obama or the price of fuel. We cower at the ideology that someone was willing to kill us because they were told we are coming to kill them because they will come and kill us if we didn't... Did that circular logic swallow it's own tail yet? I certainly hope so because it's the only real way to illustrate this properly. I mean not to make sense here as there is absolutely no sense to be made of it in the first place.

It's not about brown people regardless of how the media spins it. They were loaned fake money to buy their weapons just as we were.

Even the hegemony of corporate bandits shall fall by the wayside once their loans hit past due. That is already evident while billion dollar corporations who came to be so wealthy by paying politicians the money they saved by underpaying us to pass laws allowing them to pay us even less have all but stopped hiring, and even started reverse hiring. Yes, even the days of super-national companies built in an economy based on fictitious money are rapidly approaching their death throws, and, blinded by greed, they never even saw it coming.

It's all connected, and it all comes down non-existent money of which somebody everywhere owes more of than existed in the first place.


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