Friday, 17 February 2012

Where to, from here?

In my mind the puzzle of truth is almost complete, the pieces now form the majority of a picture with enough detail that I can stop looking for the final few missing pieces. Those pieces are of little consequence and would not be large or revolutionary enough to redefine the picture as a whole. I may not have all the names and faces but those final pieces may have been stolen (national security) or damaged beyond recognition (redacted) and to continue to look under the rug or sofa would be folly, madness, and an utter waste of time and effort.

The puppet masters are exposed even from beneath their cloaks and masks as they quite obviously are exactly where they are expected to be: on the business end of the strings and dangling the carrots encouraging the apparently kinetic actions over those they control. But they've begun to panic. Something has gone wrong with their plan, and it's the one thing for which they were so overconfident of that they made no contingency plan... I am not the only one who's almost completed the puzzle, we are many.

That overconfidence, their belief that everyone would be too stupid to figure it out, or too brainwashed to bother looking for these answers is multiplied by just how infectious the truth becomes to the rest of their supposed flock of what I would otherwise call lemmings, but the conspiracy is still out on "lemmings" too...

The root of evil?

The only lack of clarity in the whole picture is the absolute beginning, but that was a long time from here and may never truly be discovered without a vehicle capable of moving centuries backwards. There are only two real possibilities as to the start and while it exists within a paradox that the mind begs to solve, it is ultimately irrelevant at this hour. It is this 'chicken or the egg' paradox over which we all stumble, and waste time contemplating. It all begins with either Money, or Politics and intertwines with Religion... Maybe all 3 conspired at the exact same moment, but that is neither here nor there at this point.

I personally consider that money hijacked politics, then they both corrupted religion because this is what makes the most sense... Many seem bent on 'Zionism' as being the primary of all evils, and while I will not argue that it is not evil, it was not the primordial evil which began the hellish decent, it is just the more obvious evil which still appears to be giving all the orders today... The Zionists are still controlled by money even as they appear to manipulate it to suit their goals... That is only because that is the money's bidding, the money wishes to appear innocuous and void of it's own will. Politics is obviously controlled by either or both...

Maybe the Zionists and Money Masters are all the same people caught in an endlessly revolving door of power struggle between 'Gods chosen, and masters of the planet' at this point in time, but I am doubtful that this is the way it began.

The only way Zionism could be the root of the entire problem would be that every other religion had been deliberately designed by Zionists in the first place which, while a clever idea, would not have been technologically feasible in ancient times. Of course that does not mean Christians, nor Muslims beliefs could not have been co-opted and hijacked at their beginnings, since they all began in the same geographical area. In the case of Christianity I hold a firm belief that their book of divinity is sadly void of the original message, it's original verses were assembled by a Pagan Roman King who worshiped the Sun Gods... I will not dare to speak much on the Muslims, as I have too little exposure to such things to consider myself knowledgeable. But the possibility of it's book and verses having been corrupted and diluted exists, and cannot be summarily dismissed. Why else would the Christian and Muslim books defining the end of days be so diametrically apposed to each other? Why else, would the Christian Devil, be the Muslim Messiah and vice-verso?

And finally the incontrovertible fact that both the Muslim and Christian religions 'founder' were both pacifists. Neither Jesus, nor Mohammed have ever been described as spreading hatred, fear, or distrust. Neither advocated wars of aggression and yet the descendants of both churches and mosques have painted the other group as evil and to be destroyed throughout most of recorded history... Again, I can only really see this side of the world so I might be a bit presumptuous on the part Muslims have played in this age old history of blood-feuding, I am sorry if I am incorrect, and I look forward to being enlightened and corrected by anyone willing, in a peaceful setting.

But where has Zionism been during those early histories? Judaism existed, sure, but I cannot find a good reason to think that all Jews have knowledge of what Zionists have planned... I am sure that a great many Jews are to be cannon fodder just like the rest of us... In fact, I almost believe that a higher percentage Jews are programmed than are other sections of the Global population, and that they won't understand what hit them once they have stopped being useful idiots for the Zionists and Money masters...

and it all leads...

I would feel more sympathetic, but ignorance is not a very good excuse for towing the line. I am more hopeful that they begin to awaken in droves so they may dismantle the Zionists plans internally and find all the missing connections that we may identify and condemn the fast encroaching evils.

No, Jews are not all Zionists... Some may even be misguided elitists with a false superiority complex that has been fed to them by Zionists in order to maintain a certain level of misdirected antisemitism so that the Zionists can all pull out their hate shields and disarm an angry populous, but again, this all just directing the role of useful idiot.

Race hatred and religion hatred are required to continue to obfuscate the obvious realities and prevent our asking any questions, least of all the wrong ones. When we hate, we do not think. In anger, there is rage without rationale, so we don't ask the most obvious of all questions: 'Why must I hate?'.

Of course the secondary drive in this phase is fear... The second least reflective of all human emotions so quite obviously if we can't find our hate, we must be afraid. Fear of the boogeyman, fear of the establishment, fear of the future, fear of the unknown, fear what we are told to be afraid of by every talking head that can be controlled. If we are afraid to ask the pertinent questions, then maybe we can finally find our hate... But at least we will not continue to seek the answers to our questions. Even escaping this mind trap and finding the answers to the most pertinent of questions is driven back in a new fear, the fear of saying it all out loud. 'Remember that last guy who 'said' something, nobody's seen him since'...

I don't think Courage was invited to the party, and they are not sure how to kick it out without a scene... Certainly they can try to put up a curtain, but some of the scene was observed by the hating and fearful who were once mingling and minding their own and a portion of Courage's rant has piqued interest. Since courage has at least half of the real truth and many sources of reference which do not melt under the light of examination, the masses of ignorant, angry, and fearful become less so.

Don't get me wrong, I do not hate the Zionists, the Politicians, or the Money Masters... If you were paying close attention further up the page, I will answer the questions I posed in perfect clarity: "Why must I hate?" this answer is clear... There is no must, there is no need for hate it is neither healthy, nor is it useful. In fact, our hate is not even our own so in reality: we must not hate.

The same thing goes for fear, it is only useful in a situation of imminent danger... Not to be confused with the media or politicians misuse of 'imminent threat', I mean a dog is about to bite your ass, right now, or a car is about to run you over.... Not "a boogeyman might have weapons some year and might think to use those weapons to kill your children, because we've sent your children over there to prevent them from building weapons to use to kill your children". This is a manufactured imminent threat which must be questioned and exposed for the lies being used to commandeer your fear that they are.

The straw-man argument always ends in name-calling once it can not find any incontrovertible proof, and it won't find that type of proof since the truth has the monopoly on the very nature of the word incontrovertible. So the con artists gaming the system have no greater ammunition than "you're a doody-head" with which to end the debate.

I am realizing more with each passing day that there are many people in various corners of the globe who neither hate, nor fear, who dare to share their own thoughts, postulations, conclusions, and even gathered evidence. While some of these may be incomplete, and some may even be utterly incorrect, it still leads to the same path where one begins to examine each version and detect it's veracity or it's fiction, or even combination of both. That rational self-contemplation, that realization that it is your choice what to believe, and that understanding that false information can only lead back to incomplete or completely illogical explanations, whereas the truth (as horrific and ugly as it may be) makes sense from every angle.

The persistent insistence of peddling fairy-tales with so many holes has caused a mutiny in the kindergarten, but, unforeseen, the children are now helping each other learn to read. The more they read, the more betrayed they feel at their teacher for abusing their innocent trust. Once some of the lies and myths are seen for what they are, the rest begin to fall apart like a house of cards, sure this creates a new anger and fear, but it only lasts for a short while before reason regains control and the final question is finally asked: "Where to, from here?"


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