Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Scar Spangled Banner

Days like today I am happy to have TV and computer monitor right next to each other, because as I hear and see CNN I can also do research. The only way they could make this 'sadder' would be to strangle puppies live on air.

Not to disrespect those who's lives were lost 10 years ago, but the past decade has really not been a proper tribute to honour their deaths.

Conflicting official timelines of the events, complete dismissal and swift destruction of physical evidence. Declaration of war against an emotion, a few countries, and a patsy that has yet to officially be accused but who's been symbolically linked to events in which he even went so far as to deny any involvement in. And the real perpetrators have not only gotten off scot-free but they have profited, and been granted an apparent immunity from prosecution.

I am not going to link to very many things in this article, but most of this can be found here:

I must say, I like the statement that this was 'orchestrated by stateless perpetrators', because that's absolutely true. Traitorous acts do generally get one's citizenship summarily revoked (as well as their freedom and life in most cases).

...And then the propaganda of 3 million inspired to enlist, and waking the sleeping giant... why not go on to say and the baby Jesus wept? excuse me, my propaganda alarms are beginning to cause me some nausea.

A memorial to the Naval Command Center where so many lives were lost? What? I could have sworn that the 41 out of 42 people died in that office was in fact revised to 22 out of 42 because 19 people were in the 'strong room'... Which official story are we re-telling? The original it would appear. Which must be the same one where a plane crashed into the building @ 9:37:46, and not bombs went off in the building @ 9:30:40. The official time does not even match the MSM breaking news of an attack on the Pentagon at about 9:31 or 9:32 (yes that is when the report of an attack on the pentagon started on CNN during a live broadcast airing the WTC attacks). But they had removed the time stone on that memorial by November of last year strangely enough.

Of course the MSM also reported that WTC7 came down at least 30 minutes before it had... Embarrassingly enough, one such report had the "journalist(s)" talking about this while WTC 7 was clearly visible out the window behind her. The BBC subsequently lost their archive footage of the most important news day since the end of WW2 and so 'cannot corroborate this story'. I have read a story of a 10-year old who recorded the news that day and still has that VHS, but an international news agency does not have the same sense of responsibility as a 10 year old with concern for news archives... Keep that in mind that BBC news has less regard of the news than a 10 year old the next time you decide to tune them in. Fox NEWS channel 5 reported on it, then switched to 'live feed from New York, directed us to the left of the screen and said "It's going down right now." No oops, no explanation as to how they had this report just in time for the building to be 'pulled'.

Yet anybody who doesn't 'support' the official story is a crack-pot despite some unusually convenient foreknowledge by news agencies, Messaging services, and 'dancing Israelis' alike.

This endless War on Terror does not honour those who died. Memorializing them with the fiction of the official story, and farce of an investigation thereafter to turn them into propaganda for the war machine is completely without honour. Delivering actual justice to those who were never accused nor properly investigated is how they should be honoured. This tragedy of lost love ones, friends, co-workers, community members, civil liberties, freedoms, and the U.S. Constitution should rightly cause rage, anger and frustration to all those who've been affected. Just don't waste another second of that emotion on hating the wrong enemy.


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