Tuesday, 13 September 2011

If you were unable to wake from a dream, how would you tell the dream world from the real world?

Consider that 10 years ago, a huge event happened that transformed the world and it's perceptions. Everybody is sent home from work and doesn't return for the rest of the week (it was on a Tuesday). So, with a whole shitload of things running through your mind you go home and watch the news (as it replays the event over and over) and don't sleep for a couple of days... But instead of being hypnotized into a stupor, you begin to realize that many things that were shown and 'reported on' yesterday, are suddenly not there. In fact, right now, they should be talking to that African-American who said something about bombs in that building nobody is even talking about anymore. So you begin to wonder, and retrace your memory.

You realize that within an hour of the event, the NEWS had already told you who is behind the most bizarre and horrific event you've ever witnessed, they put on 'experts' who knew the culprit, the culprit's motives, the culprit's methods, and even all the financing, but now they are omitting other details and making your ears twitch... You realize suddenly that history is being re-written only hours after it has happened. So you turn off the T.V. and get some much needed sleep (from Thursday to Saturday).

Now you wake up 2 days later, and see that the official story being told isn't even the one you were hearing 2 days ago, and things you saw and heard 4 days ago are completely 'sanitized' from the story. Still nobody is talking about the 3rd building that 'collapsed due to fire melting steel', without even so much as jet fuel as a catalyst (which some news agencies actually reported the building has fallen 25 minutes before it did, and while the building they were talking about was visible out the window behind the journalist on the scene), and most 'on the scene' interviews are no longer there, just silent bewildered people not sure if they are alive or dead and not sure where to go now.

After several dry-heaves, you realize that this urge to throw-up probably isn't going away. It often happens brainwashing has failed to take proper root in your head. It especially happens when you realize that you are one of the few people who do not agree that "this means WAR!" The official story still had so many holes you might compare it with a Swiss cheese factory, and 4 days could not have been enough time to 'investigate' all the things that did not yet add up.

Because I was paying attention, and imprinting the events on 9/11 in my brain very early (thankfully, I was one of the few people in the office who managed to get CNN streaming over the internet in my cubicle which had almost 40 people in it within 5 minutes, picture that, it was a small cubicle), and because the NEWS did not know what was going on that morning, they mistakenly acted as journalists for at least an hour or two before they started reading the script.

Sure, I always questioned authority and officialdom, but this time I had seen right through propaganda and rhetoric. The official story was a lie designed to allow Bush junior to finish what Bush senior had started a decade earlier: The Gulf War. (I do realize that it is way more complicated than that, but I've had 10 years to think about it.)

Since I am never really content to just feel that something is amiss, I did some research... I wasn't the only one...
Here is a good place to start: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=COM20110913&articleId=26517

Be warned though, the rabbit hole goes very, very deep. And to be honest, after 10 years, not believing still gets 'tin-foil hat', and 'little green men' comments from many people who refuse to accept anything other than the official story. I do not envy them the "shock and awe" they'll be in when they finally do wake up.


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