Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Canada needs to stand up against Bill C-51 part 3

Preservation Demand and Order (Clause 13)

Information in electronic form may be easily and quickly destroyed or altered. Clause 13 of the bill therefore adds a new investigative tool to the Code to preserve this type of evidence, which may take one of two forms: a preservation demand or a preservation order. A preservation demand is made by a peace officer (new s. 487.012 of the Code), while a preservation order is made by a judge, on application by a peace officer (new s. 487.013 of the Code).


There is no facility in a standard HTML form or field 
First name: <input type="text" name="firstname" /><br />
Last name: <input type="text" name="lastname" />
looks like this:
First name:

Last name:
and it does absolutely nothing unless the form has an action associated to it like so:
<form action="html_form_action.php">
<input type="submit" value="Submit" />
which looks like this:
Since I have not created a page called "html_form_action.php " this will do nothing other than possibly give an error message... No data is captured by this action until the submit button is pressed, and even then if I have display a page or pop up that just says 'welcome <FirstName> <LastName>' I still did not capture that information, I have only instructed your computer to do something with it. So they are proposing that either the language used to build the internet be re-written, or all web that have forms be re-programmed using java and databases which would involve way more code than I care to post here. Not to mention would cost all companies and private individuals with a form on a web site extra storage. Plus, we need to consider that ISPs provide web hosting space with our internet subscription, some people actually use that 'free space', and it doesn't usually include any ability to interface with a database.

Of course that would leave 2 options for ISPs: 1 - Supply database options with their free and included web host space. 2 -Stop supplying free web hosting space. Most companies tend to pick the cost-effective option which is 2, effectively cutting something that is 'free with purchase' out of our lives forever. Even if the vast majority of us never actually use that service it is a right that will have been legislated away from us.

But this is truly a gem in this piece of crap proposed internet law... So I can begin to 'sign up for' whatever it was, then change my mind as filling out this form is giving me a headache but the site is supposed to have logged every time I spelled my last name wrong? dirtyyfishthejanitor, oops, (stupid repeating wireless keyboards),janitoerOfSaltyFish, oops, FishJanitorOfTheSalty..., oh but even that is underlined because I haven't told my computer who I am yet... It will suggest that I meant to type either anchovies or janitors (at least firefox is closer). Wait, never mind, ignore the man behind the curtain (this means I get to mistype several new aliases that I had not yet thought to create), my future rants will be published under 'the janitor' or 'salty-fish'


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