Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Canada needs to stand up against Bill C-51 part 2

Clause11: The existing provisions of the Code regarding the offences of sending a message in a false name and sending false information, indecent remarks or “harassing” messages (the French term “harassants” currently used in subsection 372(3) of the Code is replaced by “harcelants” in the bill) refer to certain communication technologies used to commit those offences, such as telegram, radio and telephone. Clause 11 of the bill amends those offences by removing the references to those specific communication technologies and, for some of those offences, substituting a reference to any means of telecommunication. As a result, it will be possible to lay charges in respect of those offences regardless of the transmission method or technology used.
  1. False name: dirtykid© --- Check
  2. False information: 2+2=5 --- Check
  3. Harassing or indecent remarks? This would appear to be rather subjective, I make remarks that many find to be indecent frequently... Who is making this determination? 
Have I already broken the law or did I need to do all three?

Link to an open forum that might someday post hate (or already , as I have not yet read all posts from 5100781 visitors since May 22nd 2005) material:
and a quote from the source:

"This is an exact duplicate of the process that brought thought crimes legislation, Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, to the internet and enabled the Canadian Human Rights Commission to engage in acts that were finally ruled to be unconstitutional by the very Canadian Human Rights Tribunals that rubber stamped convictions in 100% of the cases brought before it. Only this time it is to be expanded upon and enshrined in the Criminal Code of Canada. If this Bill is passed the Canadian government can throw out the reviled Section 13 of the CHRA, they won't need it anymore because they will have something even worse to use against us. "

contact your local MP and raise this issue (and others I have yet to post concerning this bill)


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