Sunday, 3 April 2016

Washing Down Faggots With Drano

So I finally broke down and re-entered some login information into my newsreader, because I like to torment myself. This was an inevitability between all the who's and what's, Blair and Sachs were obvious, pet Viagra is icing on the cake. And while we're speaking of food (seems to be the topic of the month) you can't Instagram your faggots on Faceplant, because politically correct language Nazis are idiots. 

Some people are finally catching on, even if they aren't putting two and two together. I'm certain I've declared Mulcair an Israel first, bankster puppet years ago. Digressing... Other people still appear to still be drinking drano, and yet others try to force us to drink our drano a certain way... 

I feel I was way better off yesterday, before I read any of this, but I'm not overly surprised by it either. 

Something is definitely ary in the world though, the banks are considering giving money to those they stole it from on the first place... I'm not sure how something like that would work. 

There is one conspiracy in this world which I can make no sense of. The conspiracy against headphones. Why must I be subjected to all the shitty music I purposely avoid, played back over horrendous sounding speaker-phone intended sound systems? Headphones aren't as expensive as the cell phone, and I won't feel compelled to punch you in the mouth and toss your cell phone into traffic for wearing them. No suddenly people feel they need to invade everybody's air space with a horrible quasi-dance remake of fast car by Traci Chapman. 

And now I've lost my train of thought.



  1. Maybe you need to make notes before writing so you don't get thoughtfucked when writing. Considering most of the world is thoughtfucked on a continuous basis, you intermittent foray may mean your beginning to fit in a little better but I doubt it.

    1. This blog is my notepad, and I don't understand what you mean by fitting in... I still fit exactly where I've always been which is between rock and hard place on the outer fringe of society.


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