Monday, 28 September 2015


September is ending, and it's true that not all things I've expected have come to pass. It does bring one to wonder if they've only not happened because so many have been keeping an eye on the situation... Not that this keeps bad people from doing bad things from the secret day-trader operation centres in the control room of their bat-cave who's entrance is hidden behind a bookshelf in the study of their stately manor, but maybe it has some level of cold-shower effect on the need to steal everything not already stolen.

This is not to say the the stock market is finished it's wild mood swings, because it really isn't... It just hasn't been a single day event, nor has it been fixed to a single locale. But that is how I expected that part, slow, steady, and everywhere inch by inch. The last 14 years have worked so well in terms of loss of liberties and increased random cop-a-feel checkpoints that it's become a template for the fake money industry... Hmmm, weren't all those post 9/11 war on terror lemme stick mah hands in yo pants or take naked pictures of you stations, and the list of places needing bombs dropped on them, and 9/11 itself all fabrications from the same people still running the fake money scam?

Yes... Well, OK, the cover story of 9/11 is a fabrication and calling it such is political suicide no matter which 'free country' you live in... I don't need to look at videos of buildings falling to understand that buildings fell... I've never contested that part of the narrative... There were buildings, now there aren't... Sadly this is the only real part of that while story, and reality doesn't even agree with how many buildings fell which is why I've not put a number in that statement.

Well, I guess this is what I get for telling myself I wasn't going to do a 14th anniversary post... I'm still not going to...

Ah, but most of this dream world started then, which is why more expensive trumps most inferior in the circles of power. Obviously somebody important stands to lose their own money if nobody buys this flying Edsel which, strangely, does not have submarine capabilities in it's 'one model for every purpose' design. Anything designed to do everything tends to excel at nothing... My coffee maker does an excellent cup of Joe, but I don't even want to talk about how badly it fucks up toast., I am NOT a morning person

I can't put my finger on it, but, something smells funny here. Maybe I've misunderstood something, which won't be the first of last time, but, are we going to buy things for those who can't afford them so GE can still reap massive profits? Or are we financing things for a customer who also owns GE Capitol (and if a predatory financing company isn't interested, obviously it's a wonderful opportunity)? Maybe we are going to subsidise these products so that they don't overshoot all other competitors... In all cases we appear to be left holding a flaming bag of road apples for the benefit of 350 jobs.

One thing I possibly mentioned, or maybe just read, years ago... Dunno I read a lot and talk a bunch too... Anyhow, eventually the elite will bite the hand that protects them. So not only have they started messing with several aspects of the collective agreements, now they are outlawing the protest of such. And why not? They've outlawed every other form of protest so why should this be different? Maybe they've forgotten that these people protect the bankers and serve corporate interests, and maybe they are finally running out of people to steal from.

It has to happen eventually and given that tangible proof of the supposed recovery since 2008 doesn't really claim to have actually recovered, now seems as good a time as any. It matters not whether the word recession is used or not when people feel their asses pressed into a corner because they can't pay the rent.



  1. Those 350 jobs will probably be reduced to 250 after about two years and close the plant in seven years and cost us 500 million in taxpayer handouts. We could do better by giving the 350 peeps a million each and fuck the GE jobs.

    1. I've said exactly that in a previous post about financing Kruger to change their newsprint plant to cardboard.

      Add to that we are close to signing the TPP which means when they offshore those jobs earlier than they agreed to, GE sues the government for trying to get it's money back in breach of contract. They'll win, because the government pleads no contest to most 'free trade' cases under NAFTA as it is.