Thursday, 7 May 2015

Disinteresting Ungeniuses

Given that I work in the field of technology, Carly Fiorina is a name I am familiar with... Needless to say, it doesn't take an internet genius to determine that she obviously is not one... Now maybe she did salvage HP from the swirling whirlpool of demise, and maybe she's created a new high-tech paperweight manufacturing company which will still fail, time will tell, and we shall see.

It may be all in good fun, or it may be innuendo and tongue in cheek inside joke, but they played the imperial march on parliament hill on May 4th. They could have chosen the star wars theme or several other easily recognised pieces from the soundtracks, but they didn't. I'm not going to turn this into some life or death issue, just figured I'd point it out.

And from the ask and ye shall receive category... I'm not sure if we call that one planned or simply allowed to occur unhindered but someone somewhere knew something about someone and, in my books, the two are synonyms anyway.

What the hell are negative interest rates? We'll pay you to borrow money from us? It doesn't make any sense unless, as I've pointed out for a long while, EVERY DOLLAR IN EXISTENCE IS BORROWED. Even then it doesn't make a whole lot of sense... I'd say more on the topic if it didn't hurt my brain so much to think about it. Maybe I'll open the gateway to hell and inquire within:

Just when you think you understand the evil banking empire they start rolling over in their not yet dug graves. I know there is much more than symbolism to this equation but it all feels so ominously weighted that I am not sure pointing directly at it is safe.

... I just looked up interest at and found no antonym, I also did not find the definition wherein someone agrees to pay back more than they borrowed... Curious...

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