Monday, 13 April 2015

The Unwillingness of Intelligence to Rain Over Genpop

What can I say about the world that we didn't already know? Probably not much, but I suppose it's worth repeating.

The world is morally and financially bankrupt. Yet despite that the sheeple flock in droves to give cause to officials to force companies who manufacture something to pay companies who manufacture nothing for the privilege. This, in turn, drives up manufacturing costs and prices of goods even further, unless it costs jobs as they move to places cheaper than here. Hmmmm, banks manufacture nothing, don't they?

Not that I disagree that renewable energy is a fantastic goal, but, thus far, it has proven unsustainable. By now we should have all had a 'Mr. Fusion' attached to our flying cars, but it wouldn't be the first time a sci-fi movie was wrong on the dates. Technology has come such a long way over the past century that we can now fit more tech on the edge of a nickel than there was in the Apollo lunar lander so you'd think we could come up with better uses than to spy on every minute of everyone's day with it.

No, free and renewable energy (not just electric cars) is not a project governments (nor their owners) want to see come to fruition. This would remove an element of control and bankrupt those who are busy stealing from the poor to give to themselves. Just imagine a world untethered from the wall outlet or gas pump, what would we do with all that money not going to the fossil-barons? Would they be able to find another hamster-pellet dispenser to get us to all line up for? iPhone 7 maybe, but once people have one they tend not to need another one two or more times a week.

And while I'm talking about Apple, I read something about this monstrosity a few weeks ago... I'm thinking it doesn't turn brown because it's not made of food, but I'm not a food scientologist, or whatever these people call themselves.

People talk out of one side of their mouths while we have reality kicking us in the nads and we wonder why people seem to be going batshit crazy everywhere.

Still, those questioning it are called batshit crazy even if it's simply a question nobody wants to answer. There can only be two causes for questions being vilified: nobody knows the answer, or nobody wants the answer known, and most people don't have a problem in claiming not to know. I certainly don't have problems admitting when I have no knowledge on a given topic, but then, that tends to be followed up with 'but I'll learn what I can right now', which is what so many seem unwilling to do.

I suppose that's what eats away at me: so many who seem content to be spoonfed answers which can't hold up to logic... I saw a soundbite on the news the other day which seemingly blamed the water shortage in California squarely on illegal marijuana grow sites... I laughed to the point of tears while I was shown a hybrid satellite map of all the grow-ops in the golden state plastered to the screen during a national Canadian news broadcast with one simple thought that the news failed to raise: if 'we' have a map which pinpoints all these illicit sites, shouldn't the police also, even by proxy, have this same map? Of course, there was a second thing I was laughing about which was also not explained: how does growing pot cause a drought? Maybe God just doesn't want California to have locally grown weed... LOL!!!!

If only this were some isolated incident, but the news no longer gives a fuck how credible it sounds in the ears of someone who asks all the wrong questions.


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