Thursday, 19 March 2015

Confessions Unsworn Under Oath

Hindsight is a funny thing. It does not change anything at all but is seldom wrong. It also does not pardon you for having been banker puppet and industry stooge... In fact, it doesn't even exemplify the that you are not still puppet and stooge to the same masters. I won't claim to know the motives behind admitting mistakes were made given the circumstances that there aren't votes at stake... Not that votes really mattered much to begin with when creatively accounting numbers like this into an 'all is well' scenario.

I suppose it's all part of the loose-ends blame game where those who won't matter next year pin on their donkey tail and hee-haw off into the sunset leaving future asses an apparent clean slate from which to promise less of the same to any and all who accepted the brain wipe. But there won't be less of the same just like there wasn't last time. It may carry some slogan which sounds pretty, like 'hope and change', no wait, that one was just used... Can't give 'em 'deja-puke' can we? Of course sometimes more of the same actually seems to work, though I'm not certain why... Scratch that... I already stated the why earlier: voting doesn't matter.

If voting made any difference then a difference would have been made already, instead we get worse or even worser at each increment. There are many ways to measure the passing from frying pan to fire, but it's easiest to figure out how much a hundred dollars fills a shipping cart, what portion of that cart is actually healthy, and how many after-tax hours you had to sell sell someone to afford it in the first place. I figure that equation puts most people into the how am I even still eating category if they could examine now vs 10 years ago.

And while we're discussing the selling of souls... Or was that saving? [shrug] There's this fun little tidbit from the sold out nose-goblins nobody voted for... They still make all western policy because they hold the patent on our brand of freedom, which is manufactured by PepsiCo. Obviously their growing desperation shines through given such a transparent effort to deny Washington isn't already funding both... Wait, what? The CFR writer's name is Barak? Must be a coincidence... But probably isn't. I mean, he's not less than eight years old is he? Though I suppose that would explain this great game of global hegemony the CFR keeps playing.

Getting back on topic... Did I have a topic? I usually don't so it'd be a shocking change if I suddenly did... Speaking of changing, it's kind of nice that there's an uptick in mortgages that neither I nor my not yet existing great grandkids will have to pay back, but that statement sounds like I must be dreaming, so it's likely not real.

I could have sworn I had something else to add... Well, actually, I couldn't have if I lived in this town, thankfully, I don't.


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