Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I see you

I have withdrawn myself from your systems. I can no longer, in good conscience, feed your machine of systematic destruction with the fuel of my attention. I can see the systemic greed and corruption toiling away at grinding the ever-decaying cogs into dust. No doubt the machine's masters can feel it as the pieces that once were vanish into nevermore which would appear to give motive to change the focus to the next enemy of freedom™ faster that a four-year-old hopped up on sugar.

I see you.

I see you wiping the sweat from your brow attempting to imply you are working hard at keeping a dying age alive, when, in reality, you are sweating in nervous fear wondering how long until someone lights a match in the dynamite factory you've created... You know that if we light the match first that it's all over for you but you are not ready to light the match yourself because all the carefully aligned plans are not turning into carefully aligned and timed fuses, meaning it's still all over for you should you light the match too early.

I know that I am the cast aside weirdo for not accepting the programming spit at me like venom at my every turn and I take a certain comfort in being labeled abnormal in a place where everything seems deliberately turned inside-out. It takes conviction not to give-in while a majority of voices try to medicate such a 'symptom' for 'depression' or 'stress' or 'politicophobia' or 'Schizoid personality disorder' or whatever other name they might come up with for which a pill exists to cure... Yes, I know the whole industry of pill making is reliant on making people "normal", or "pretty" rather than "healthy" which is why they go so out of their way to find new ways of being "not normal", and I've never felt an urge to to be 'normal', 'average', 'cool', or even 'acceptable' by any social standards.

I smell the desperation as you try to blame it all on the weather. I know it could not possibly be related to this, this (also seen here), or this have anything to do with any of the problems pointing to an unending downward spiral...

I see that this is all according to a grand design as planned by the masters of banking, because if they really wanted to the economy shell-game rolling all the free money would have gone to the poorest people so they could buy homes, cars, beer, cocaine or whatever it is that the kidz are into these days... But, instead all that free money went to bankers as a reward for all the laws they broke when they bankrupted themselves, our savings, our retirement plans, and our entire future when they lost a bet against their own greed, avarice, and pure stupidity in that plan where they were considered 'too big to jail'. Hmmm, fancy that, those who planned it all reaped the highest rewards... Call me a conspiracy theorist all you'd like but I do not present any theory here at all, which annuls the most important part of the label. No, I see one bank paying a bunch of other banks @ low to no interest with money borrowed on our behalf @ high interest. Claim whatever you'd like in retort, but I am fairly certain most agree that this looks a lot like this.

I simply don't care what labels I am given, as I know it's all geared at protecting your system from it's inevitable collapse.


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