Monday, 26 March 2012

La Terrorisme™

I guess it's time to give my take on this whole Toulouse, France situation... Other than being extraordinarily confused by the duration of the stand-off, and the media reported timeline of events, I actually find the whole situation laughably ridiculous.

Where do I even begin?

  • The gunman was already on several intelligence services watch-lists and had been questioned in the past
    • Yet he appeared to be free to shoot up a school
  • Hundreds of police take an entire day to arrest/kill a single person trapped and surrounded in an apartment.
    • Really? This is rather outrageous... I guess they needed to give him time to contact the media and claim he was al Quaeda
  • 3 police are shot and injured while knocking on the door.
    • What part of apprehending an 'armed and possibly dangerous' felon allows 3 officers to stand in the line of fire unprotected?
  • Jumps to his death or is shot in the head, or is shot in the head while attempting to jump to his death, or lands on his head while a hailstorm of bullets descends upon him?
    • This is more than a bit sketchy... Pick one, it is not a difficult decision and the end result of any of these scenarios is the exact same: He's fucking dead...
  • Protect the children... Hate Islam
    • Jewish children (not to be confused with goyim spawn as they are subpar wastes of genetic material) were not only hurt but killed because France banned the burka... Death to Amerika! and all that jazz...
  • Criminalize visiting websites
    • Slap new laws on the books wherein visiting (hate or terror) websites is now punishable by permanent incarceration, or dismemberment of your first born in front of you, or something...
      • Note: Hate and Terror are both highly subjective terms which can effectively be bent to serve whatever purpose deemed needed at the time
There it is in a nutshell. Allow someone to shoot up a school, claim to be a terrorist, evacuate a neighbourhood, shoot some police, then jump out a window in a blaze of glory so we can criminalize the internet.

Others are also trying to frame this as an immigration problem, though I don't see how fixing immigration has anything to do with someone who was born in France...

I think my largest problem with this criminalizing visiting web sites proposal is the randomness of some search engines. Especially when I do an image search... Why does almost every term yield porn?
Seriously? It's the 3rd fucking picture? Here I thought Google would trip me up just to prove me wrong...
If I can find porn by accident just about every time I do a web search, hate and terror will probably slip into the results too, but how would I know it before visiting the site? In fact, doesn't the preview website function in Google's results give you that content just by mousing over it?
Yes, Yes it does. More interestingly, this is the 4th result of the same search term, and it yields hate propaganda... I guess that takes France off the map of places I am allowed to visit...
I don't see how they plan to execute such a plan when Google results publish hate and terror, and the news is frequently about hate and terror... Sounds to me like they are just planning to cast a net so wide that everybody will need to be jailed or killed...

It all reeks of setup and false flag as far as I can see.


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