Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What are we Con$erving?

EI financing agency spends millions doing nothing CBC News has reported that a 'Steering Committee' created by 'The Harper Government™ ' has been doing what bureaucrats do best: spending money while not actually doing anything. Created in 2008, the committee was mandated to:
  • Determine what annual deductions should be charged to workers 
    • which has been artificially capped by 'The Harper Government™' every year since 2008
  • Invest any surplus in the EI fund
    • The EI fund has run a deficit every year since, because there was a rate cap in place
All of this has cost over 3 million dollars in 3 years, add to that: they are planning to move to a bigger office this year to "improve the corporate culture". The place has 3 employees, one of whom is part-time, what kind of corporate culture are they looking for?!!

Keep in mind that "The Harper Government"™ is also a (supposed) 'Conservative' government, or at least it said that on the last ballot. So do they conserve only money that would be better served by programs geared toward the people who pay the salaries of you hypocrites, like medicare, or infrastructure improvement? I could do nothing for a lot less than a million dollars a year and I don't need to waste money on an office... But, I don't know the Prime Minister or his family, and I am not a rich scabby lawyer either, so I suppose there's no way in hell that will happen.

Do we need to start calling it 'Crony Conservatism'? I can do that, I like inventing language when no suitably apt language exists: Croneservatism™. There. It's done. What do you think? The next election ballots shall read 'Progressive Croneservatives'™ according to my brain. Not that amounts to a lost vote, unfortunately, as it is impossible to loose something that was never yours to begin with, but maybe others can read the word and have it indelibly stamped in their brain causing a mild bout of laughter at the ballot box the next time they are at it. Who am I kidding, next election I will likely be so jaded I won't go near a ballot box... I've exercised the right not to vote before, and I am not even the least bit shamed into thinking my taking that stance made even the smallest dent in the course of history.

My vote only amounts to a dollar a year to the budget of the party I voted for under present Canadian electoral laws. One dollar will neither make, nor break anything, and I'd just as soon give the dollar to a dirty smelly guy who lives in a bus shelter as to a politician, even if he tells me he will spend it on booze.

It is unfortunate that human memory is so poor. I can remember Brian Mulroney, who was the last Croneservative™ P.M. of Canada, and who screwed us over badly enough that when we voted them out they did not even have enough seats to be officially called a party. In fact, Canada pretty much bankrupted the P.C. party with this extreme shift as they lost all funding from Elections Canada... Yet in under 20 years here they are again with the North American Security Perimeter, undisclosed bank bailouts to banks who did not need a bailout, useless committees we shovel money into, and vulgar displays of police brutality in Montebello QC (video here) and Toronto ON during G8/G20 summits.

Eventually the P.C. were forced to merge with the Reform party (whom always came off as some weird cult of child molesters in my mind, don't ask me why or how it happened, I just always felt that voting Reform would grant a license to Preston Manning to kill my dog, or something... I just sometimes get these gut feelings and they stick...). So now we've taken two parties that I felt were hellbent on destroying Canada and merged them into one entity... And my gut feeling gets worse.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the politicians got here without the help and support of the central banking cartel, and I don't honestly believe Harper is personally responsible for everything that is going wrong in this country, but he certainly does appear to be helping tow the line in his blind pursuit to make enemies of Muslims and endorse war against Iran without stating a single fact of proof they deserve it other then 'being afraid'... Fear is not an excuse for war, it is a natural reaction to war machine propaganda, once you look at who is driving the fear you start to realize there really is nothing to be afraid of.

Wasting my money on useless committees and fear mongering do not shine a better light on you.


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