Thursday, 1 December 2011


I had a revelation yesterday. Everything made perfect sense in an instant and every other question fell by the wayside. The singular answer to every mystery was sitting right in front of my eyes, where it had been so many times before. Everyone has been overlooking it because it is so completely prominent in our daily lives. Many have even come close to asking the right question yet persist in failing to present the answer in the form of a question...

'Follow the money'?

Sure the money trail might uncover the secrets of who really killed JFK and who commissioned the job, or how many weeks and workers were needed to plant the explosive nano-thermite charges in three World Trade center buildings and who they worked for... But these facts are still obfuscating the much bigger lie. The much bigger lie is also much older than any of us, and older than many of our nations. The secret is so closely guarded that it is likely known to no more than about 2 dozen people on the planet at any given time, and so unbelievable that it is easily discounted as lunacy should some random person stumble into it.

The lie is told to us through our entire lives and we believe it so blindly because it is so believable as to assume a presence, just like the air we breathe. While the air can only be proven by ducking your head below the surface of water and trying to breathe, this lie has certain physical manifestations that present us with the obviousness that it cannot be a lie. And so, confused, we drift off to sleep again.

Money *IS* the lie.

It always has been. Money has had it's own master(s) for a long long time. Everything built up around that money has only ever been allowed to occur because the Money Reapers allowed it, even financed it in return for a piece of the profits. Some countries in the world figured this whole problem out and solved it, the money reapers had them bombed back into the stone age. The U.S. had it figured out in it's very early days, but over time, the story was re-told so poorly everybody forgot the moral of the story through the generations of broken telephone. Ultimately the U.S. was bought by the Money Reapers in 1913.

Canada imported it's own Money Reapers from Britain during or even before confederation, sadly it's never seen through the illusion.

Throughout the growing majority of the world, money is owned by shady unelected characters, who see each bit of currency as money+interest owed back to them. How this works is in fact, where the lie reveals itself. You see, if you take $10 out of your wallet and examine it closely, you won't see anything evil about it at all... The trouble is that somewhere behind the scenes on some closely guarded ledger that few are permitted to see that $10 exists, but it is probably listed as $10.01. Well, sure you could go into your wallet and add a penny to it, but that penny is also on the ledger as $0.01001... OK, but how do we make up this extra when it can't exist?

That's the lie right there. The people tasked with printing the money and managing the economy expect more money returned to them than was printed, and with counterfeiting being illegal, we will never find the extra money in the couch cushions because that was already accounted for. They do expect that we'll find the extra money they haven't printed from somewhere, so wars are instigated. "Maybe the money that doesn't exist is in the Middle East?" they'll suggest to one side, then they whisper to the Middle East "The west is considering turning over every rock in your country looking for their missing money, are you OK? Would you like a loan so you can afford some protection?" and the game is set. Both sides of this war now owe fictitious money plus interest to the same people and it makes no difference who wins the fight to them because both sides owe them. This is the primary 'debt' that countries owe, and the reason they must collect taxes.

Compounding interest, compounding problems, accelerating the vortex

But then there are the regular banks... They promise to store your money and even pay you a pittance, which in resent years is gobbled up in 'fees' and 'charges', for allowing them to use that money, to lend to other people who need money at a large profit margin. So they are almost giving you one cent on the hundred dollar while leaving you the nine remaining cents to look for, but then they lend out 90 of your hundred dollars and expect $93.47 in return. So where does the $3.47 come from? The future, or something... I'm not sure really, I didn't make the rules to the game.

So my hundred dollars which is actually $100.10 on one balance sheet is $100.01 on my balance sheet, while being -$93.47 on another balance sheet, and $103.47 on yet a fourth balance sheet... Just for scope, let's state that only $100 was ever printed. Now somehow I expect an extra penny the bank I deposit at expects an extra $3.47 and the central bank has to print this 3.47 for the bank which becomes $3.47347 on their balance sheet plus the original 100.10 so the central bank sees $103.57347 owing to them... But there are only $103.47 in total in the universe!!! The 10.347 cents still does not exist.

Are you still following me here? Because it gets worse.

What if I wanted my $100.01 back, while $90 is still on loan? Well, the bank doesn't have it so a fresh $90.01 is printed up and loaned to the bank, but it appears as $90.10001 on the central banks balance sheet... Sufficed to say that the system only actually works when more than 4 people are involved, but this scale model is much easier to wrap your head around. There is constantly more owed somewhere than actually exists physically.

Is this why we're all screwed?

Partially. But not entirely. Let's add another bank, and state that they both have $100 on deposit, $90 of it on loan. Let's then add that they did not even investigate that the people who borrowed the money had a job or any collateral (they didn't, they needed the paper as kindling). They both suspect that this $90 is completely lost. Now both banks bet each other on who won't be paid back first... They bet $90... Where was this $90? on the books as loans... BAD LOANS! So once one of them looses the bet they realize that they don't have the $90 because they bet money they expected they were loosing in the first place. So the government asks the central bank to loan them the money to cover the bet, and the original deposit(s) of and lost interest from both bad loans $276.94.  One bank made $180 one bank is back to the original $100, and both earned their 3.47. Now the central bank is owed $481.7094 and the only money in existence is $296.94.

And that's why we're screwed?

Again, only partially You see, at this point, the government wants to do something and that will cost more money than they can raise on the backs of taxes, so they issue 'debt' and will repay @ 4%. The banks were just loaned $276.94 @ 1% and see this as a great investment. They have big party and burn $50 then buy government 'debt' in the amount of $226.94. Do they have money to lend out? No. Do they have your $100 if you needed it? No. Does any of this equal the $481.7094 that the central bank still believes it is owed? No. Who owes all this money? Taxpayers. Do the taxpayers have $481.7094 in their couch cushions? No, only $476.94 has ever been printed so there's an invisible $4.7694 that is missing. not to mention that $230 of that total was lit on fire and no longer exists. so there's actually $234.7694 missing from the entire financial system... And I think I've forgotten the government's 4% extra that they owe to the bank for borrowing money they loaned to the bank @ 1% to cover the bet on bad debts which cause a huge financial problem in the first place...

What'd I just say? The banks loaned money to people they never expected to get it back from, then bet against each other over who'd loose everything first. When they lost everything, as they expected, they had no money to cover the bet they'd placed that they were going to loose everything. So they cried to the government who borrowed money to loan them to cover the losses at low interest, and instead of covering their losses as intended, they loaned the money to the government at a higher interest rate than they'd borrowed it from the government at in the first place!!!!

And that's why we're all screwed!

Sure, my example system is tiny and prone to failure in a couple of days. That only proves that the game needs a constant stream of money printing, and many more people involved in it to delay complete collapse. I used small numbers because it is easier to wrap your head around than trillions of dollars owed to hundreds of banks used by millions of people. The real numbers are, in fact, so disproportionately high that most of us cannot even fathom them. The total 'derivatives' market is estimated to be in the hundreds of quadrillions of dollars globally... Yet all currencies on the entire planet combined are estimated at 1000 times less than that. How can there be more in bets than actually exists in real money? Because the money reapers know that money isn't real, they play with the illusion so that all those of us with the false perception that the paper in our wallet had some worth, will believe ourselves indebted to them when they introduce the next thing that replaces money. Believe it or not, the 'printed date' will probably be last year or even a decade or two ago, they've been gaming the system just that long that they already have your new fake money ready in advance.

"Don't worry, we've learned from the 'mistakes' and fixed the problem... This new money, we promise, will not fail like that last money did." And since none of us remember when they promised this eons ago we might even take the bait, and sign over our children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children to be their slaves and the system would reset and we'd all be owned, and not allowed to tell our children anything about this deal and the lie would be born anew.

But how do we fix it?

If the government owned the sole right to print the money, they could do so without the embedded interest and not owe anything to anybody, then, they simply spend the money into the economy for free. No national taxes required... They might still issue bonds to fill in large projects like repaving national highways or other such things if they do not want to shock the economy with a sudden surge of newly printed money. Iraq knew it, Libya knew it, the U.S. knew it but still sold themselves out a century ago.

Tighter legislation on banking would also be needed to prevent the banks from deliberately toppling the economy again. And the most obvious rule would have to be that banks cannot borrow from the government at a better rate than the government issues bonds at, EVER as that creates that giant sucking sound we can all hear in the still of night right now.

Granted there would still be trade deficits with other nations to keep balanced since no single country has every single resource found within it's geographical location, but this is a much smaller matter and much easier managed with technological innovations and overproduction of manufactured goods that are desired outside the country, than finding the missing money that never existed.

Out of the starting gates, every nation would be up against the manufacturing behemoth that China has become in the last decade, so no, we still would not be 'out of the woods' even if we set everything in motion and in the proper direction.

To further complicate matters, all countries across the globe would have to do this at the same time to avoid the money reaper's takeover of any single country.

I never said it would be easy, I've only said it was the answer.


PS: this might be my last post for some time… there are no greater mysteries in the universe that need solving. Yes, we are in ‘The Matrix’ but this one is more difficult than just waking up to realize there is no spoon… because there sort of ‘is’ a spoon in a manner of speaking.

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